How To Avoid Your Staffing Agency From Spooking You

It’s Halloween and the people in costumes aren’t the only things scaring you around here! You’re noticing that your employees are starting to look like vampires. Either that or they’re beginning to look like cloned monsters. Talk about the cost of bad hires, this is like bad hires on elm street. When you make the decision of which staffing firm you want, it’s vital that you pick the agency that has the best experience and knowledge about your industry and that can provide you with various skilled workers. In order to get those vampires and clones out of your office, let’s go over something’s to do next time you chose to work with a staffing agency.

Your current staffing firm isn’t showing you depth

You know the Carfax commercial, “show me the Carfax!” We’ve all seen it right? Encouraging you to see the history behind the car that you could possibly call yours. Wouldn’t you want to know what the car has been through before you buy it? Of course you would! And wouldn’t you want to see the portfolio of a staffing firm before you decide to invest? Again, of course you would. We all know Google itself is a huge search engine when it comes to surfing for information. So it’s time for you as the client to go on the web and do some research. Be sure to take note of what you find. Look for information such as who the company has worked with in the past, the company’s values and the company’s key personnel. You can even sit down with one of those key players and ask them about their business. Be specific so you get specific answers. Now here’s why this is important, when a company shares this information with you, they’re showing you what type of company they are. They should be proud of the accomplishments and connections they have made in the past. Their values should match your businesses values and they should be able to give you a little background of the people behind the company name. If you can’t find any background information on the agency then no wonder you have spooks! The staffing agency itself is a spook town!

Your current staffing firm isn’t showing you a difference in candidates

You need a staffing firm that’s going to give you exactly what you need. If you need top candidates at your business then you need an agency who’s going to give you those top candidates. In any workplace different people are hired based on different reasons. One person could have better qualifications over the other, or more experience over the other. And just like your workplace there’s different positions that need to be filled based upon your business’s needs. There’s no way your business will advance if you continue to allow spooks and vampires on your team. It’s pretty bad if you do this from your own HR department. But if you’re actually paying a staffing agency money to provide you with cloned workers, they’re spooking you big time. A good staffing agency will show you the difference in employees based off your business needs. They also have a solid and healthy relationship with their candidates. Not a scary one! And these relationships create a positive reflection on your new employee’s engagement, as well as creating trust between your business and your chosen staffing firm. If they can bring it, let them prove it to you.

Now that you know how to avoid bringing more vampires and clones into your office, it’s time to put what we’ve learned into practice. Always chose to work with a staffing agency that can show you the facts before you buy, and allow you to see the difference in candidates on their first day. You’ll be having guaranteed better staffing solutions. Click below if you really want to get rid of those vampire employees of yours!

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