Recruitment Trends Your Business Wants To Adopt In 2015

As the new year continues to unfold, there are still many predictions that can be made in 2015 for businesses all over. Today we’re experiencing a recovering economy that can lead to better recruitment efforts for 2015 which means recruitment is going to get tough for some of you. However, these new upcoming trends will make recruiting for 2015 a breeze. These growing trends for recruiters will ensure successful recruiting and sourcing for 2015. With that being said, here are a few recruitment trends that you need to be aware of in 2015.

Social Media Recruiting

Social media probably took us all by surprise with its substantial growth. It has become a multi-purposeful resource for all. It’s not just used to talk with your pals back in your hometown or friends from high school much anymore. Social media has become the new area where job seekers and recruiters hangout. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, with the help of hashtags such as #jobsearch and #nowhiring social recruiting has become a much easier search platform for job-seekers. Did you know that social networks have overtaken all other sources and has become the number-one place for qualified candidates? Now in order to successfully utilize this trend, you want to make sure your business is keeping note of where these top candidates hang out. You have to know where they are and how to grab their attention. Also keep in mind all your social profiles need to be squeaky clean. (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.) You need to have a good presence in the world of social media in order for this trend to work. Make sure all your descriptions are up to date, your pictures are clear and things are well organized. Any little misunderstanding can lead failure in this recruitment trend. In a pervious article we stated that employees chose employers just like employers choose employees. So make sure your business is in good standing too because if it isn’t, your business wont stand a chance.

Know your competition

That’s right business owners, keep a very close eye on your competition. This is a business must in every industry. You should already be aware of your competition and what they’re doing. This is important because when applicants are visiting your listing(s) they’re looking at everything your business has to offer. Things such as benefits, salary or hourly pay and the opportunity of career growth. Once they develop a distinction between your business and others they will proceed to the next step in the journey which is the final decision. Now your business can either steal this candidates heart or completely strike out. If you’re constantly staying in the loop with your competitors then your business won’t be the one that struck out. You’ll be the winner! HORRAY! Bottomline here, people want to have a sense of security at their potential new job. No one really likes to have to constantly look for jobs – that can get rather uneventful. Applicants prefer to stay at one location, learn, grow and feel at home. Want to know an even better to stay on top of your competition? It’s as simple as connecting with a staffing agency. How so? Well, staffing agencies see competitive trends on the horizon and finding the talent your company needs to thrive.


By keeping up with these recruiting trends for 2015 you’ll be that much ahead and perhaps more ahead then your competitors. With the constantly developing world we live in today, you need to stay on your toes. Things aren’t all done quite the same way they were done years ago. If you feel as though your business isn’t ready for the next level of recruiting for 2015 then you’ll want to seek help from the professionals. Staffing agencies are the professionals when it comes to finding the right staff for your business. As well as keeping your business ahead of the game in your industry. Ready to gain a new business partner? Are you ready to get your business to the level it’s destined to be? Let a trusted and professional staffing agency help and make sure they’re the right one.

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