How to Ensure Success of Partnering with Athena

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The benefit of engaging ATHENA, is that we take responsibility for all aspects of recruiting, interviewing and hiring candidates.  In order to ensure the success of a job seeker, ATHENA works hard to match employees to clients based on the skills required, previous relevant experience, formal training and years of experience.  ATHENA digs deeper than [...]

What Interview Questions Do I Ask? (Part Two)

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Our previous blog, "What Interview Questions Do I Ask" discussed possible interview questions one can ask when auditioning for a potential employer. Let's review: How will my role impact the larger scope of this company? What will be expected of me in the first month? How could I measure my success in this position? Part two of "What [...]

What Interview Questions Do I Ask? (Part One)

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If you've been in a job interview, which I'm sure you have, you've probably been asked "do you have any questions for me?" on numerous occasions. If so, I'm sure you've got a cycle of 'go to" questions to pull out from under your seat that are appropriate for almost any situation. However, are the questions [...]