The Qualities An Employer Should Look For In Government

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Find out what qualities your government organization should be seeking for in a prospective employee.

Three Ways To Manage Employees Remotely

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People working outside the office is a new norm. Considering having employees work remotely? This blog has tips on how to manage employees remotely.

The Most Common Myths About Staffing Firms

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Find out how do staffing firm myths can keep you from jump-starting your career.

The Cost Of Bad Hires

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Is your business suffering from the bad hire blues? That's not too good. But what's the actual cost of bad hires? Let us tell you what they are!

Chief Data Officer Position Available

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April 11, 2016 ATHENA Consulting is currently recruiting for a Chief Data Officer (CDO) to oversee how data is gathered, managed, and stored for our State of Maryland agency client.  The CDO is a senior executive who bears responsibility for the agency’s enterprise wide data and information strategy, governance, control, policy development, and effective exploitation. [...]

The Government Employees Training Act Geta

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The Government Employees Training Act (GETA) and why a staffing firm should be knowledgeable of this law.

Staffing Solutions That Arent As Effective Anymore

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Learn a few methods that aren't effective anymore for staffing firms.

Staffing Firms And The Global Market

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The global market is a great place to get help from a staffing firm.

Staffing Industry History You Probably Didnt Know

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Like many other industries, the staffing industry originated in an effort to satisfy a need for a specific group of people. Staffing, however, has a rather exquisite history.