The Most Common Myths About Staffing Firms

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Find out how do staffing firm myths can keep you from jump-starting your career.

Staffing Solutions That Arent As Effective Anymore

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Learn a few methods that aren't effective anymore for staffing firms.

Staffing Industry History You Probably Didnt Know

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Like many other industries, the staffing industry originated in an effort to satisfy a need for a specific group of people. Staffing, however, has a rather exquisite history.

How to Ensure Success of Partnering with Athena

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The benefit of engaging ATHENA, is that we take responsibility for all aspects of recruiting, interviewing and hiring candidates.  In order to ensure the success of a job seeker, ATHENA works hard to match employees to clients based on the skills required, previous relevant experience, formal training and years of experience.  ATHENA digs deeper than [...]

Improve Your Business Outcomes With A Staffing Firm

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Still looking to improve your businesses outcome for 2015? Look no further because staffing firms can help.

How To Beat Post Holiday Blues

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Feeling the ill-effects from your holiday break?

How Do Staffing Firms Make A Profit

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How as a client do I pay a staffing firm?

How A Staffing Agency Can Improve Your Workplace

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In just four steps learn how to make your business a top workplace with a staffing agency.

Hiring Process Pitfalls You Want To Avoid

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The best thing you can do for your business is to hire the right candidate. Read this article to avoid hiring process pitfalls.