Sure the New Year brings plenty of surprises and no-one really knows exactly what the future will hold. However, we certainly can predict some trends that will happen in 2015 for your HR department. At the rate of how quickly things are changing it can bring a lot of challenges to your HR department. The last place you want issues right? Let’s take a look into some of the challenges that your HR department will face in 2015.

The Affordable Care Act trend

The first challenge for employers is something that we’re all aware of. It’s the Affordable Care Act! The ACA originally required the employer mandate to start in 2014 in which employers were to have health plan options that met federal standards. This included the employee mandate going into effect for employers with 50 or more employees. Reflecting on how much change has been made, this is going to be a tremendous trend for 2015. In a previous article it was informed that the ACA varies in different states. While each state has different set ups for the healthcare reform, they’ll still follow the same guidelines. While some employers are still moving ahead in the right direction, other employers are still struggling with the shifting deadlines and unclear regulations. Be sure to thoroughly understand the healthcare plans that you offer. Make sure it’s in good trust and follows the letter of law. If you’re thinking about hiring some temporary staff to assist with this change click here for a free consultation.

The flextime and telecommuting trend

Say hello to challenge number two. Do you remember in a previous article where it was stated that telecommuting could be used to achieve a healthy work balance? Offering a typical 9-5 Monday through Friday job is pretty cookie cutter. Let’s face it guys, times have changed. Telecommuting has become such a popular option to businesses all across America.  It’s so popular that it’s starting to become the norm – believe it or not. Are you ready to hear why this is such a great trend? Well, by offering telecommuting to your employees you can allow each given employee a chance to improve their workload and moral. Not only does telecommuting benefit your employees, it benefits YOU! That’s right, there’s benefits for you as well. This opens up for more office space. Also note that office supplies will be used a lot less if you make flextime an option. Oh and one more thing, considering its winter right now – having some employees home and at the office will cut down on the germ spreading. Bye bye germs!

In just a few short days, we’ll provide you with more predicted challenges that HR departments will face this year. Would anyone like to take a guess as to what the next ones might be? You can always tweet us, talk to us on Facebook, or just simply comment on this post with your thoughts!  So overall, there’s a few challenges that you’ll face with in-house hiring however, by working with a staffing agency you won’t face any troubles. If you’re looking to hire more staff to assist you with the affordable care act don’t hesitate to reach out to a trusted staffing agency. You can get the temporary staff that you need by working with a staffing agency. That way you wont have the challenge of finding staff this year. It’s just as simple as clicking a button! Click below for your free customized solution.

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