For many job-seekers, especially the younger crop of candidates interested in filling vacancies, a huge mistake is made before ever arriving to your prospective employer. Shockingly enough, many men are unaware of the appropriate attire recommended for an interview. Remember, you’re judged on appearance alone first. In most scenarios this is almost always the case! So play it safe and follow these tips:

Wear a Suit

A suit makes a huge statement. Anything else will consequently send a message as well, but not the good one. If you don’t own a suit, a simple blazer or sports jacket on top of slacks MAY do the job. However, some experts feel as though this may be too casual. In my opinion, the answer of right and wrong only depends on the job or role you’re seeking. To avoid being wrong in any circumstance have a suit ready. I recommend finding the nearest outlet mall to find an affordable suit with an ‘expensive’ look. Besides job-seeking, a suit is a great investment either way.

Be Mindful

As you select a suit appropriate for an interview, be mindful of the color and pattern. Start with a solid navy or dark gray. Stay clear of any distracting patterns like pinstripe. You can’t afford to turn anyone off. Flashy is not the objective anyway, professionalism should be your goal. Let your background, experience and personality be your flamboyance not an article of clothing.

Wear a Tie

A common mistake men make on a consistent basis, is leaving a tie behind. In business a tie is like a name tag. With one you’re able to establish an identity. Hearing “nice tie,” most times serves as validation that you’ve done a great job getting dressed this morning. Don’t think for a second that a tie is unimportant, because it is.

Check Your Accessories

Accessories can make or break you. If you’re wearing a watch, make sure the time is correct in case your interviewer wants to check on the status of his schedule. If the time is not right on your watch, do yourself a favor and leave your ‘non-watchful’ watch at home. If your watch does tell the correct time, make sure it isn’t a sports watch or a fancy Rolex. These are huge turnoffs. Also, be mindful to avoid bracelets and chains, because this isn’t the proper setting for jewelry of those likes.

If your shoes are black, which they should almost always be at an interview, make sure your socks are black as well. White socks say the candidate is immature and colored socks say the candidate is flashy.


Grooming is a critical piece of every mans attire in the work place. Although it is not an article of clothing, a haircut and well-groomed facial hair are equally important to your overall appearance. Don’t forget to cut your nails and clean your ears. Don’t for a second think nobody is noticing, because in an interview any noticeable error is remembered!

These small nicks say a lot about your character, so give yourself a chance and follow these tips when looking for the next career move.

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