In a previous post, Benefits of Hiring Temporary Employees, we briefly discussed how temp workers can save your business money, time and decrease workloads. All resulting in making things run a bit more smoothly at your workplace! Now having temp workers is great but, temp workers are only great if they possess the right characteristics to get the work done. For example, a good temp worker needs to be a little quicker paced. Meaning they need to be able to perform above standards, and be able to get the ball moving on day one! Staffing agencies will immediately be able to recognize the characteristics of a good temporary employees. Let’s go over a few characteristics a good temp worker will have.

  1. Good temp workers can adapt to change –Sometimes things can move at a very fast pace so work orders can appear with short or even no notice. It is imperative that temp workers can navigate through work orders with only knowing minimal information about the operations of the business. They must be able to adapt to the changing environment and change from one task to another. If your temp worker can pick up the pieces quickly with no added pressure, then that employee is your new prize possession.
  2. Good temp workers are motivated – In order to be productive at work, temp workers need to be motivated. Now motivating a permanent worker can be done in many different ways i.e promotions, raises or maybe even some time off. What actually motivates temp workers? The possibility of being hired as a permanent employee! For example, if you have a temp worker who is a temp to hire, that worker will have a probation time period at your workplace. And in that time frame the worker needs to be able to be on their “A game” at all times. If the worker performs above standards then they will go from temporary to permanent which is always better!
  3. Good temp workers have excellent communication skills – No matter the job, good communication in any work environment is a must. Good communication is the foundation to positive work relationships. Since face-to-face communication isn’t always the available communication of choice, a good temp worker should know how to effectively communicate using any means of communication. Effective communication helps avoid misunderstandings at work. It also allows for a deeper connection with others which engages productive teamwork. And we can’t forget about the art of listening. A good temp worker must be able to listen and retain information effectively. Poor listening is the root of miscommunication. If your employee isn’t a good listener then that makes communication nearly impossible, dragging your business down.

Are you catching yourself suffering from the bad hire blues? Do you feel like every time to you bring in a new hire you take your business a few steps back? Make sure you have workers who possess good communication skills, are motivated and adapt well to change. Staffing agencies are a guaranteed way to increase productivity in your workplace by identifying these characteristics quickly. Don’t let your business continue to sit down in the dumps. Allow your business to partner with a staffing agency in order. Click the link below to get your free customized staffing solution.