Athena Consulting During Covid-19

ATHENA Consulting provides customized staffing solutions for each of our clients. We understand that no two clients are alike and we work diligently to identify and sustain your perfect fit. While providing a customized solution, we follow the following process to ensure that you have the Right Professional. Right Now.

Customer Analysis

We develop a strong partnership with each client by taking the time to understand their business so that we can implement the staffing services that will make the staffing process more efficient and effective.


Our knowledgeable and professional recruiters identify the best candidates for you by use of their industry expertise and of the extensive networks of our firm.


We believe in developing great relationships with each candidate and look much further than their resume. We identify skills that match the characteristics of your business.


Once we find your perfect fit, we ensure that all documents and forms are collected, reviewed and verified before the employee starts.

Performance Monitoring

No matter what the duration of employment is, we continually monitor the performance of each employee to assure your continued satisfaction.


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