Commitment to Diversity

Attracting a Diverse, Well Qualified Pool of Candidates

ATHENA takes seriously our efforts to hire a diverse range of people who are applying for our job positions. To meet the goals of our efforts, ATHENA uses several different and innovative techniques during our recruitment and hiring processes including:

1. Use of Pro-Diversity Job Advertisements

ATHENA makes sure that all our recruiting advertisements speak to a wide range of candidates by using language that is appealing to candidates from various backgrounds. At times, our advertisements are written with specific demographics in mind to boost our diversity recruiting strategy.

2. Identify Recruitment Resources Where Diverse Candidates Congregate

To obtain a greater diverse candidate pool, ATHENA sources for our employees from a wide range of places and vary these sources according to the job position we are seeking to fill. We do not rely on the same sources over and over again when seeking out new candidates. We realize that focusing on only the same sources can result in a talent pool of similar candidates and a lack of diversity.

3. ATHENA Encourages Our Diverse Employees to Refer Their Connections

ATHENA understands that members of our diverse team have networks of people with similar backgrounds to them. ATHENA has a robust candidate referral program which supports our diversity recruitment strategy. Our current employees are encouraged to share our job ads with their networks and for those employees they refer to ATHENA, they are monetarily awarded.

4. Diverse Corporate Team

ATHENA’s corporate team is diverse and unified. ATHENA is a woman-owned business started by Ms. Melissa Pappas in July 2002. The diverse composition of our corporate team consists of both females and males and from all races including African American, Asian, White, and Hispanic. Having such a diverse corporate team promotes a focus on recruiting a diverse workforce.

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