• ATHENA Consulting Hiring Contact Tracers

    645 words3.2 min read

    We are currently recruiting a significant number of long-term (6-12 months) temporary Contact Tracers

  • ATHENA Consulting During COVID-19

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    COVID-19 has put an unprecedented strain on our healthcare system...

  • This Is Exactly Why Job Seekers Should Use A Staffing Firm

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    Reasons why a staffing firm may be the best option for your career.

  • Things Job Seekers Shouldnt Say During An Interview

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    Learn what thoughts interviewers don't want to hear from job-seekers during a screening.

  • The Qualities An Employer Should Look For In Government

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    Find out what qualities your government organization should be seeking for in a prospective employee.

  • Why Your Business Can’t Find Top Talent

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    Not having any luck finding top talent? You might want to analyze your business first. Find out how staffing firms can help.

  • Three Ways To Manage Employees Remotely

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    People working outside the office is a new norm. Considering having employees work remotely? This blog has tips on how to manage employees remotely.

  • Characteristics Of A Good Temporary Employee

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    Still suffering from the bad hire blues? Allow a staffing agency to recognize these characteristics when hiring temporary employees.

  • Common Myths About Staffing Firms

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    Find out how do staffing firm myths can keep you from jump-starting your career.

  • Cover Letter Tips By Staffing Firms

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    Try these cover letter tips before sending your resume to a recruiter at staffing firms.

  • How To Stay Productive Past Hump-Day

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    What exactly is Hump-Day and how can I avoid it?

  • The Real Cost Of A Bad Hire For Your Business

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    Is your business suffering from the bad hire blues? That's not too good. But what's the actual cost of bad hires? Let us tell you what they are!

  • Executive Director Position Available

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  • Chief Data Officer Position Available

    384 words2 min read
  • What Is The Government Employees Training Act (GETA)

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    The Government Employees Training Act (GETA) and why a staffing firm should be knowledgeable of this law.

  • Staffing Strategies That Are No Longer Effective

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    Learn a few methods that aren't effective anymore for staffing firms.

  • Qualities Employers Should Look For In Human Services

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    Find out what qualities your health and human services organization should be seeking for in a prospective employee.

  • Staffing Firms Are Important For Your Business

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    Staffing firms are such important partners for your business. By partnering with them you receive better staffing needs.

  • Staffing Firms And The Global Market

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    The global market is a great place to get help from a staffing firm.

  • The History of The Staffing Industry

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    Like many other industries, the staffing industry originated in an effort to satisfy a need for a specific group of people. Staffing, however, has a rather exquisite history.

  • How Staffing Firms Help Government Employers

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    Can your department of the government benefit from the services of a staffing firm?

  • How to Ensure Success of Partnering with Athena

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  • Staffing Needs For The Summer

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    Now that you're aware of your summer staffing needs. What are the next steps?

  • Use A Staffing Firm For Your Summer Needs

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    Learn how a staffing firm can help your business fill needs for temporary summer staffing?

  • Tips For Job Seekers In Bad Weather

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    Tips job-seekers can you use when bad weather strikes in midst of an interview opportunity

  • Transparency Is Key For Business Partners

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    Is your business partner transparent? Read more to find out.

  • Three Ways To Better Your Business This Spring

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    Spring is right around the corner. Find out how spring can better your business in three simple steps.

  • The Art Of The Hiring Process Tips For Employers

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    The hiring process isn't so complicated for employers when a staffing firm is involved. Read our article to find out how.

  • Upcoming Recruitment Trends

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    Don't get lost in recruitment worries for 2015. We'll share a few recruitment trends you'll want to look out for in 2015.

  • Signs That You’ve Found A Great Staffing Agency

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    Ever wondered what some traits of a good staffing agency are? Read this blog post and it will do just that.

  • How To Fight Burnout For Human Service Employees

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    Don't let stress get the best of your employers. Find out ways you can fight burnout in the health and human services industry.

  • Best Resume Tips From A Staffing Firm

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    Try these resume tips before sending your resume to a recruiter at staffing firms.

  • 8 Reasons To Use A Staffing Firm

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    Have you tried hiring for talent at your office, using a staffing firm?