Behavioral Health

ATHENA Consulting provides licensed social workers on a temporary or as-needed basis. With years of Health and Human Services (HHS) expertise, we are uniquely qualified to fill your staffing needs. We value building strong relationships with clients and take a personalized approach to addressing their needs. Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated, in-house employee to work with. This client-centric focus sets us apart from larger agencies.

At ATHENA Consulting, we place a strong emphasis on building relationships with our employees and offer outstanding benefits. This commitment to a positive environment contributes significantly to employee satisfaction and overall organizational success.

Our services can be valuable in various situations where there’s a need for additional support in the field of social work. Here are some areas where we might be considered an ideal solution:

  • Hospitals:
    Hospitals may use licensed social workers to address staffing vacancies, employees on temporary leave, or pronounced busy periods. Our experienced professionals bring a wealth of expertise to any situation.
  • Clinics:
    Medical clinics often experience variations in patient demand, such as flu seasons or other health-related trends. Our staffing allows clinics to scale their workforce up or down as needed.
  • Non-profits:
    Non-profits may find value in utilizing temporary staffing for various reasons, including project-based initiatives, seasonal programs, or to fulfill grant requirements.


We create partnerships with our clients to make their lives easier. We excel in providing quality professionals to meet clients’ short and long-term needs. To learn more about our other staffing services, click below.

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