ATHENA Consulting is the leading staffing agency that specializes in health, human services, and behavioral health. Established in 2002, ATHENA continues to provide exceptional service to our clients across the nation. Our management philosophy is based on our recognition that the requirements to each contract and task order are unique, and that each solution must also be unique. To that end, we spend time with each of our clients so that we can fully understand what is required. Our philosophy incorporates a fully developed staff recruitment model that offers intensive screening and skills testing so that each client has confidence in the qualifications and expertise of the professionals that we place.



ATHENA’s mission is to meet clients’ staffing needs and strive to exceed their expectations. We are committed to establishing and maintaining a work environment that is rewarding for all our staff, while focusing on continual improvement of our services.


  • Become the employer of choice

  • Become the 1st choice provider of HHS-related staffing services

  • Expand and imbed process management

  • Expand customer depth and geographic coverage of our services

  • Seek acquisition targets

  • Innovate all aspects of service delivery

  • Closed loop service delivery from marketing > operations > finance > follow up


  • Accuracy

  • Responsiveness

  • Customer Service

  • Professionalism


“ATHENA has been extremely responsive to this client’s need for qualified staff to assume their respective responsibilities in an immediate, often emergent, timeframe. Ms. Pappas and her staff of recruiters and personnel specialists, has done an excellent job matching employee background and skill to the task to be performed. ATHENA staff listens to ensure that they understand our specific business needs and demonstrates a strong customer service orientation”

John Kenney, Ph.D., M.B.A. Chief of Aging and Disability Services

“Athena Consulting is a valuable business partner with Info-Matrix developing a strong, trusting relationship for several years. Melissa Pappas integrity and commitment to work and understand our clients needs and with her expertise, has resulted in a very effective way of growing both organizations business. Melissa is a results oriented leader and impresses everyone with her professionalism and passion to do the things the right way.”

Robert Mason, Director

“We retained Melissa’s Organization (Athena Consulting) for fulfilling our staffing need. The turnaround was quick and the resumes were good. We interviewed all the 4 and hired 2. Great hit ratio though!”

Kris Gopalasubramanian, SME