Staff Services for Behavioral Support Personnel in Educational Environments

At ATHENA, we place a major focus on providing Social Workers and Behavioral Support Specialists with both experience and expertise in the educational arena. This focus ensures that ATHENA makes the “right fit” when placing these staff to efficiently provide necessary services, supporting both student and school success. As trained professionals, our staff serve as counselors, advocates, case managers, and a vital link between school, home, and community. Their work aims to improve students’ academic success, attendance, behavior, social and emotional well-being, and safety.

Our Social Workers and Behavioral Support Specialists participate as dedicated stakeholders in interdisciplinary teams that include teachers and administrators. They help shape discipline policies and play an instrumental role in mental health intervention and crisis management. These services are critical at a time when at least one in six students lives with some sort of mental health condition.

In addition to supporting students, Social Workers and Behavioral Support Specialists help parents navigate the educational system. They also point families to community resources that address concerns such as food and housing insecurity, a lack of health care, and domestic violence.

Our services are designed to fit your needs and consist of temporary, temporary-to-permanent, and permanent staffing. We provide staffing for a wide range of educational support positions, supporting the following services:

  • Student Services
  • Family Services
  • School Personnel and Community Services


We create partnerships with our clients to make their lives easier. We excel in providing quality professionals to meet clients’ short and long-term needs. To learn more about our other staffing services, click below.

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