I’m sure you know by now that many companies are searching for great candidates through social media sites.  Social media is not just a place to catch up with friends and see what is trending in the world today.  It’s a place for you to effectively brand yourself as a job seeker.  It’s so important for you to portray yourself in a positive manner on sites, such as Facebook and Twitter if your social media profiles are public. LinkedIn on the other hand is a place where you not only have to be positive but professional too.  It’s easy to overlook your profile and think that no one is looking but don’t fall victim to that nonsense. People are looking at you on LinkedIn!

To make sure they are liking what they see, take heed to follow 10 tips about your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Choose an appropriate profile picture.

Remember that LinkedIn isn’t Facebook.  Don’t use a picture from your latest night out with the guys/ladies.  It doesn’t look good when you’re dressed to impress in an unprofessional manner and you are at the most popular spot in town.  While some companies may have a fun culture that they are looking to make you a part of, you still need to display your professional side.

  1. Create a custom URL.

What’s a greater way to brand and market yourself than to have a custom URL?  There isn’t one!  By creating a custom LinkedIn URL you can give employers an easier way to find you.  They don’t have to sit there and search for you and the 50 other people that have the same name as you to find your profile.  By customizing the URL, they will have a direct link to get to you and see exactly what you have to offer.

  1. Put the needed time in to create your profile.

We all know that it seems like it takes forever to create a profile but remembers that a LinkedIn profile can be the difference between being considered for employment and not being considered.  The good thing is, if you have a resume handy, you have already done most of the footwork.  Your LinkedIn profile should be a more personal version of your resume so use what is already on your resume and spruce it up a bit.  Show your personality.

  1. Use the first person.

When using your personality in creating your profile, use the first person.  Unlike your resume, you want to really make it personal.  Use phrases such as “I was nominated and selected for the…”.

  1. Use the jobs you are looking for to your advantage.

By now I am sure someone has told you that employers use keywords to find the perfect fit for their open positions when you are applying through an applicant tracking system. They do something similar when looking on LinkedIn.  If you are looking for a Marketing Coordinator position and find a job that you are interested in, be sure to include some of the job duties on that job description in your experience so that when your prospective employer is reading over your profile they know you have the skills and experience they need.

  1. Show your measured results that lead to success.

Numbers don’t lie so use them to your advantage.  If you have a measurable position, meaning your performance is measured by numbers, use those numbers!  If you increased sales by 1,000%, tell everyone!  Don’t be shy.

  1. Showcase your achievements.

Don’t be shy when it comes to your achievements either.  If you were the youngest person in the company to become a manager, tell it. If you raised $10,000 for a local charity, tell everyone!

  1. Don’t be dry.

Your LinkedIn profile shouldn’t be dry like your resume.  Put some pizazz in it and don’t be that person that puts people to sleep.

  1. Strategically ask for recommendations.

If you are looking for a job in Human Resources and you worked in that field before, have the Director of HR give you recommendations. Not the Marketing Manager or Administrative Assistant.  Make sure that your recommendations come from people that are relevant to what you’re looking for.

10. Show relevant skills.

Many people change careers frequently these days.  If you haven’t, read our blog about making a career plan B.  If you have changed careers and your first career was in architecture and your second career was in teaching which happens to be what you are looking for, don’t display your skillsets as an Architect.  Only show those that are relevant to teaching and get people to endorse those skills.

We hope that you find these tips helpful.  Check out some of our job openings here and put your new profile to good use! For more job-seeking advice from a staffing firm, visit our blog and contact us if you have additional questions!