No one is perfect and that’s something we all understand, right? That’s most likely something we’ve all known since we were young children. With that said, we understand that some companies have trouble finding the right staff. It’s a given that different industries face different challenges. The turnout of your hiring process varies on the position and how the interview is conducted among many other things. However, this article is going to help avoid these few common mistakes made during the hiring process.

Having a poorly prepared interview team

Before we even begin discussing this point can we first say… YIKES! This point is pretty bad. Don’t allow yourself to be in this position. As much as the interviewee prepares for an interview, the interviewer should put in just as much effort. Employees choose employers just like employers choose employees. It will say a lot about your business if you’re conducting your interview poorly.  By being unprepared you can forget to ask those questions potentially ruining your chances of knowing the difference between a good candidate and a great candidate. Perhaps you don’t plan to conduct the interview alone. Have you provided your co-interviewers with notes explaining what you plan to do exactly? By doing so, they’ll have enough time to prepare themselves as well. If you’re doing that, make sure you do that ahead of time. In order to be properly prepared you want to already have a copy of the applicant’s resume on hand. You should’ve thoroughly read over the resume already and from there you can prepare questions that you want to ask. Also, make sure the area you’re going to conduct the interview in is clean and tidy, and QUIET! If you need to ask to reserve the conference room open space for your interview.

No Follow-Up

Depending on the position and the requirements you could have anywhere between a few applicants to possibly a hundred…or even more! So you can imagine that if you only respond to a few applicants you’re hurting your business? Providing a follow-up with candidates is simple and it won’t take up much of your time. It’s a given that there are going to be some candidates that you like and some candidates that you don’t like. Trust us, if you didn’t find the candidate to be qualified enough to fill the position, it’s okay to tell them you’ve gone with another candidate. Realistically, that’s something that they have to prepare themselves for anyway. Just to make this point really sink in, how would you feel if you were applying for a job and then you called the person you interviewed with multiple times, sent them multiple emails, and left a week’s supply of voicemails? Honestly, how would you feel? You call back next week just to do your 10th follow-up call and they quickly tell you that they’ve already filled the position. Wouldn’t you think that that’s a little rude? We think so. So it’s simple! Always follow up with your candidates.

We understand that interviewing can be a hassle. It can be something that can be tedious and lengthy. This is why you want someone in the position that can handle the interview process. That way your business stays far away from these hiring mistakes. If you know your HR department keeps repeatedly hiring bad hires then you’ll want to say hello to a staffing agency. We can’t say this enough but, staffing firms truly save your business so much time. As well as money! Isn’t that every business’s favorite thing to do? Learn more about our staffing services here. We even have a page dedicated entirely to posting all available job positions.