Even though the healthcare industry was among those who faired well during the American recession, there were still some signs of decreased quality within many healthcare organizations. Hiring moratoriums or the lack of finding qualified or certified candidates damages a healthcare organization’s entire productivity. Healthcare staffing brings hiring challenges, sometimes making the task of filling vacancies a daunting one…

According to the PWC Global CEO Survey, 34 percent of leaders in the healthcare industry reported they “canceled or delayed a key strategic initiative” due to talent constraints. Twenty-five percent stated they had been “unable to innovate effectively,” while 41 percent said their talent-related expenses “rose more than expected.” Almost half, or 47 percent, said that hiring staff has become more difficult. Is your health or human services organization experiencing hiring issues? Looking for a reason? Examine the possibilities of an aging workforce as one of the problems you may be facing

It may not seem apparent to the untrained eye, but America’s workforce is steadily getting older. According to data from the National Technical Assistance and Research Center, by the year 2016, 33% of the world’s workforce will be 50 years or older. Not such a motivating factor is it? Regardless if you are moved by these claims, know that the healthcare industry already employs an older workforce than most other major industries in the United States. Want to hear even more scary claims? Today, nearly half of our doctors are over the age of 50 and by the year 2020, nearly half of our registered nurses will reach the traditional retirement age.

The Institute of Medicine predicts that by the year 2030, America will need over 3 million healthcare employees in order to maintain the current ratio of providers to population numbers. This will essentially make it increasingly difficult for healthcare organizations to staff and/or fill vacancies due to older healthcare professionals taking their retirement option. When you take into account the number of new patients created due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), you’re truly witnessing a headache in terms of staffing for the healthcare industry. Are you prepared?

The healthcare field is one of the most demanding industries in the world. The pressures, demands, and always-advancing technologies play a huge role in any organization’s chance of success. One way to assure success is through using a knowledgeable staffing firm. The quality and assurance of your staff play a significant role in patient health, satisfaction, and well-being. We believe as a healthcare employer, one should always have a plan in place for effectively managing your office’s staffing needs at any given time.

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