Historically golf has been the cross between fun or leisure and big business. In 2014, an alternate has arrived. This substitution has become known to many as, “fantasy football.” It’s become an online networking giant and is the perfect way to gain attention from prospective clients, encourage co-worker intermingling, and most importantly close a deal. Unlike golf, top business schools are not requiring their students to learn the game of fantasy football (yet), but it is a great way to have an interactive social environment in your office. Sound a bit far-fetched?

The game of fantasy football is more popular than ever before! According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, about 31 million working-age Americans play fantasy sports online and spend nearly $15 billion in the process according to Forbes. See unlike golf, you’re not required to stand around for hours in unusual attire waiting on your turn to swing. Fantasy football is a bit more innovative in its approach to socializing and gives you the opportunity to comfortably build a rapport with fellow players based on a similar interest at your pace. Another advantage over golf is that there is no physical requirements other than clicking a mouse (lol). Besides this, football is a much more popular sport than golf. Although the ratio tends to side with the male gender four to one, men, women, boys, and girls can identify with football on Sundays.

Fantasy football is a crucial aspect of the office’s social atmosphere, particularly in the development of a comfort level between co-workers. It’s one of the main talking points on a weekly basis throughout the season (and even off-season). I think, in general, fantasy football is a social thing, but it does tie in nicely with business relationships. For example, the camaraderie fostered through fantasy football allows people to be more comfortable with each other and increases communication between the employees and the team. I don’t know about you but I love to be one of the prospective employees at a company that played fantasy football once a year. Think about the possible recruitment prospectives this social aspect would play on your company.  Not only is the atmosphere a great selling point for potential employees but it also keeps the energy high which we all know results in more work being done.  At the end of the day, your business productivity increases.

So before you as employers read this article and disregard it, don’t just think of fantasy football as a game men in their late thirties and forties play to get a sense of moral victory. View fantasy football as a business entity, which can grow relationships in your office and have a positive impact on the tasks at hand.

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