Hello readers, we hope that these Affordable Care Act blog posts have been helpful to you. As mentioned in those articles the healthcare reform law has been in effect since the very beginning of this year. What you may not know is that healthcare reform varies in each state. That’s right, each state is different however each state follows the given general regulations when it comes to healthcare. Now yes, in general, the ACA affects everyone regardless of where you live but the healthcare reform will depend on the state where you reside.

Each state was required to set up a health insurance exchange which is also known as the health insurance marketplace. Each state previously had the choice to either set up its own exchange, use a federally-run exchange, or partner with the federal government. In each state, the health exchanges will offer tax subsidies on premiums to those who meet certain income requirements.  As of last year, all US citizens were required to be actively enrolled in a health insurance plan. In other words, affordable care was created to provide equal healthcare for everyone and in these plans, Americans will be covered when it comes to the 10 essential health benefits.  Americans’ preexisting medical history will no longer affect the price and the coverage of health care under the health reform. So no one’s prices can be increased or deducted due to the past of the applicant’s health history. So how does the affordable care act vary? The million-dollar question right? The answer we all want to know. Well, here it is, just keep on reading.

How does the Affordable Care Act work?

Each state is run differently, primarily because each state has been given a few different options. Remember previously we mentioned the options? The options were that each state could set up its own exchange, be federally run, or partner with the federal government. Each state must offer a minimum of 60% insurance coverage for benefits. However, if your state hasn’t set up its own marketplace you can then use healthcare.gov to enroll instead.

Medicaid expansion

Applicants are eligible to sign up for Medicare all year round with no deadline present. Applicants will qualify for free or low-cost care through Medicaid. However, if the applicants’ state hasn’t expanded Medicaid and applicants are denied, applicants can then become exempt from the mandate to obtain insurance. It was up to the state to decide on whether they wanted to expand eligibility for Medicaid coverage. Now in general, the Obamacare Medicaid expansion was one of the biggest milestones in the health care reform to date. It was expanded to help provide coverage to the nation’s poorest and provide more assistance to those in need. In order for the nation’s poorest to get even more assistance, Obamacare began offering cost assistance.

Health plan Availability and Costs

Health plans and costs depend on the state. Due to the fact that each state has different demographics and regional populations. Therefore, giving each state a varying number of providers along with a number of plans. Many states have sample health insurance exchange rates. But by now, each state has final health rates so that applicants can then compare and make their final decision. In order to determine costs for plans in your state you want to visit healthcare.gov for complete cost options.

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