NOW is the Best Time to Job Search

Having a hard time finding work in the categories of accounting, finance, or related fields? Did you know NOW may be the best time to get your foot in the door?

For many organizations and companies worldwide, accounting teams, business owners, and corporate executives can all agree on one thing: tax season is the busiest time of the year. With the various challenges of tax season, many accounting departments are swamped with many duties and would love and appreciate any extra hands to help manage the burden of tax preparation. One expert says that “more and more businesses are choosing to engage interim accounting professionals through temporary staffing firms to supplement core staff and reap the following benefits of the extra support.

Staffing Firms and Tax Season

With the help of staffing firms, companies and organizations have direct access to the exact skills in which they require for the task at hand. For example, if a small business in Maryland is in need of additional junior accountants to perform a few routine tasks, but only until all the tax documents are completed and filed. A temporary accountant can get the job done, and then you can reduce staff levels once tax-related work has subsided. The benefit of finding talent via staffing firms is that the recruiter handles the candidate pool search and evaluation process for the employer. If your skills are a match for the position, the employer has saved time and can bring in the prospective candidate immediately.

Burnout During Tax Season

Tax season is also the cause of burnout in most situations. Let’s face it, for those in the accounting department, things can get mighty complex. With tax season in the midst of things, increased workloads and stress levels are expected. Staffing firms are there to place help when needed, whether it be temp or temp-to-hire personnel. Simply put, it’s not smart for a company or organization to underestimate tax season and be understaffed and unprepared. ¬†With financial penalties from the government lurking during this season, the risk is not worth it. As a job-seeker take the time to assess potential staffing firms and explore the opportunities made available during these tedious weeks of tax season.

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