Ever heard the cliché saying “Teamwork makes the dream work”? Or what about “There’s no “I” in team”? I’m sure you have but either way, both of these cliches are essentially stating that you cannot run a business alone. When you’re running a business it’s vital that everyone has the ability to work together. After all, no business is run by just one person. Can you imagine all the stress that creates? Every single one of your employees helps to make a difference in your business’s success. Some of the best ideas to build your business come from collaborations. Of course, everyone doesn’t think the same way or have exact similarities however, there should be a mutual vision between everyone. That mutual vision is the growth of the business.

Now within every team setting, it takes work and a lot of practice for things to run smoothly. The focus should be on communication and commitment. In order for the communication to be received your employees must actively listen to each other. The ideas should be heard, feedback should be given, suggestions should be invited and actions should follow. But here are two reasons why your “team” is beginning to flunk out when it comes to working together. The balance could be off with collaboration and your staff isn’t working well together. Let’s go more into detail, be sure to let us know if your business can relate to any of these reasons.

Your office isn’t balanced

Did you know that your office has a lot to do with how your employees work? Believe it or not, the structure of your office makes the biggest impact on your employees. Are you providing an open space for collaboration? This is why your team isn’t producing their best work. There are benefits when it comes to having an open workspace. It creates an open invitation to your employee’s thoughts and considerations. An open layout strikes a balance between working solo and putting your brains together. Perhaps you should start providing a more open environment. It will make everyone begin to feel like their ideas actually do matter and that they can partake in making the business better than it already is. Once you decide to make the change you’ll notice that team collaborations will happen freely and frequently.

Your staff isn’t working well together

Blame it on what you want but sometimes employees just don’t mesh. Is the idea of your employees working together similar to World War II? Perhaps when you hear some of your employees collaborating, do you hear more yelling than praising? Any of those references relating to your business? No wonder teamwork doesn’t exist in your business. But, why on earth are these problems even starting to begin with? Honestly, it could be that some of your staff are just plain selfish! They like to keep their ideas to themselves and don’t want to hear anyone’s criticism and they may even just want all of the credit to themselves. Mainly because they always think that they’re always right and that their input is the perfect solution. These types of employees never work well in team settings. Reason number two, maybe you aren’t hiring the right staff to begin with. One mutual skill that all your employees should have in common is that they should be able to work well in a group setting. It’s important that they feel comfortable when it comes to creating new and innovative ideas to potentially grow your business. Next time you’re considering bringing in some new staff, be sure to hire through a staffing agency that will find you workers who work well in a team setting.

Promoting teamwork is the best way for your employees to feel like they’re a part of the team. If you feel like your team is right on track when it comes to teamwork, be sure to comment below on how you have made it so successful.
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