Bigger isn’t always better. When it comes to staffing agencies you aren’t buying products, you’re investing in talented and dependable staff. Think about what happens when you decide to work with a staffing agency that’s “bigger and better”. Your request gets added to hundreds of other businesses that need the same thing that you need – which is STAFF! You could need staff right away but you could wait weeks before the new staff actually comes in. When you work with a staffing agency that’s a smaller business it allows your business to get a more customized solution. Who doesn’t like the word customize? That is perfect because you truly get what you want. To make sure these needs are met you need to keep a personal relationship with your staffing agency. Trust us, bigger companies don’t do personalization well.

They truly get to know you

Can you imagine how many people work for that bigger staffing agency that you might want to work with? A lot of people! Somewhere in the hundreds, maybe even the thousands. Imagine actually calling that place. You could end up playing phone tag or you could constantly keep being sent to someone else. Think about all the time you’ll spend explaining your needs and concerns to the many people you’ll talk to on the phone. Small staffing firms have the advantage of getting to know you and your business on a personal level. By keeping this relationship long-term you help them learn the ins and outs of your staffing needs. Think about what happens when you pick up the phone to speak with your trusted representative at a smaller agency. Your representative will already know exactly what you need, meaning that if you need staff after your first placement you can rest assured that you’re going to get exactly what you need which will save you time and give you more confidence in your placements.

You’re not hiding in the shadows

Bigger staffing agencies have a ton of different clients and most of them are large clients. Larger clients often mean more positions which could be bad news for you.  When large clients have a lot of positions to fill, there is a main focus for a few reasons.  One is that a large client means a lot of revenue.  Companies want to make sure they treat their large clients well since losing their business would be an immense loss.  Another reason is that a lot of positions result in a greater focus.  When there are several positions to fill, it takes focus and many recruiters to fill them.  By using a smaller agency that doesn’t have enormous clients, you will get a personalized experience and not be hidden in the shadows of a big client. The company you are using should also be transparent about who they are working with.

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