Interviews can be scary for both interviewers and interviewees. Did you know that some employers think that they can just wing it? It’s not recommended to just wing the hiring process. If you want to run your interview the right way then you might want to be a little more prepared. Effective interviewing takes time, energy, and concentration. There’s no joking around because making a hire off of a foul interview will result in underperforming employees who will cost you in terms of both time and money. Not good! Before you even begin the interview create a game plan so you don’t lose out. That way you have a set way to determine the best hire for your business. Here’s how:

Step #1

In order to get the best outcome, you must always be prepared. Decide who will conduct the interview. This is a very important step since you want to make sure you have the right person running this show. Perhaps you could ask your hiring manager to conduct all the interviews with applicants first. Then he/she will choose a few finalists for a second interview. Or let’s say that your hiring manager simply doesn’t have the time to do all of the interviewing – hire a staffing firm! Their trusted recruiters will do all the hiring work for you. Again, you want every person to know what they are doing or you’ll be dealing with an extended time to fill.

Step #2

Next, you want to zero in on the candidate. Before you begin digging for gold be sure to review a few things. Review your job description for starters. Make sure the information you provided is accurate and up to date.  If you work with a staffing firm, guess what?…you don’t have to worry about a job description.  Make sure to fully communicate what you are looking for and the staffing agency will create one for you.  They are experts and the job description is the last place where you want mistakes to live. It will hurt you in the long run!

By working with a recruiter they will carefully analyze the candidates’ resume, cover letter, online profile, or any other important materials in addition to assisting with the description. A leading staffing firm with trusted recruiters will give you no worries in this step. This is important because this allows you to focus on what you’re looking for in job candidates and not how you are going to get them in the door. Recruiters will get access to the candidate’s background and work experience. Based on the interviewers they’ll also get an evaluation of the candidate’s motivation and their desire to join the company and of course, they will share all of this information with you so you can make sure you have the absolute best.

Step #3

Knowing what to ask is task number three. If you’re not sure what to ask you can save the hassle because recruiters really have a skill for this. In fact, they can pick interview questions with ease. So there’s no need for you to be embarrassed, recruiters have your back. While recruiters are conducting the interview(s) they’ll be sure to always ask for clarification. They will pay attention to the candidate’s answers and won’t be afraid to follow up on any questions that might have been asked already.  Their goal is to make sure that they have the perfect fit for you and they surely can’t do that without going into depth.

Step #4

Once everything has been said and done the recruiter will close the interview. Making sure all questions have been answered ensuring you are the right fit for your business. They will be sure to thank him/her for their consideration. As soon as your potential hire leaves, recruiters will write down any final thoughts that they have. They will also make a note of any impressions that have been made. Your recruiter will then narrow down the candidates and pick the best person for the job based on your needs.  If you plan on doing second interviews or any interviews at all, make sure that you do this as well. It will help you, we promise!

Selecting the right person for any position can be a pretty hard task. Especially when you don’t have the right person for the task. You always want someone who’s polished to select your next new hire. That’s where recruiters come into play.

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