It’s time to consider hiring a staffing firm for your growing business. But, you may need help identifying your staffing needs. In a previous post, we shared with you 8 reasons why you should use a staffing firm.  While we did not discuss Minority Business Enterprises, or MBEs for short, as one of those reasons, you’ll discover that many businesses resort to staffing agencies that are certified Minority Business Enterprises for help.

Minority Business Enterprises are culturally diverse allowing a greater influence on consumers’ projects. Let’s not forget people are the most important asset of any company. But, keep in mind the best success begins with diversity within a business. Diversity attracts the right skills, the best minds, and the required resources to help businesses soar. Diverse companies tend to have access to different markets and the changing marketplace enabling businesses to unlock their potential, so businesses achieve their aspirations. Besides just having access to different markets, they usually have access to various resources that can benefit your business.

Because MBEs have such a large support system and are certified by the state, getting assistance in the staffing industry from an MBE-certified staffing agency establishes a valid comfort level. As a Minority Business Enterprise staffing firm, the company should be used to working as a sub-contractor for both small and large projects with companies of all sizes. They will understand the advantages as well as the challenges of both. This helps serve as a great partner through your company’s growth.

Minority businesses oftentimes have this experience as sub-contractors because there are special contracts that are set up for minority businesses. Governmental agencies are required to set aside a percentage of their purchases for minority small businesses. In 2013, Maryland added 29% of contract profits toward MBEs. As a result of this, large government contractors are forced to contract with MBEs. While this may seem bad to some, it’s great when you’re looking for a diversified staffing agency to help staff your company and satisfy your contract terms.

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