What should be included in my budget? How do I develop a budget? If you’re still not quite sure as to what a business budget is, then go ahead and take a second to read part one of how staffing agencies help you meet budget. In part one, we give you a brief introduction to what a budget is and how you can manage it successfully. Establishing a budget is vital to running a business efficiently and effectively. Its purpose is to ensure that available funds are used according to plan within preset limits. Staffing agencies will help you stay within those limits in many ways but today we are going to look at three ways that will help you immediately.

Reducing time to fill

Hiring staff is a pretty time-consuming project and can make the time to fill the position seem like forever. The time that it takes to fill vacancies can go into other projects and keep your business’s productivity high. It is very easy to get consumed in the hiring process and ignore other day-to-day tasks so be very cautious of how much time you put into hiring. Remember, no matter what, you must continue to service your existing clientele. After all, the business has to continue, right?

Adding the task of seeking quality employees along with supervising current employees and pleasing customers can be somewhat overwhelming. The last thing you want is for your customers to feel the tension resulting in them having their needs met elsewhere and your competitors getting your business. To avoid this, you need to assure you are staying focused and not letting hiring take over. Many companies are tempted to try to hire on their own, and honestly, it ends up being a huge and costly mistake. You don’t want to continuously lose business due to a lack of staff! Save your own personal time and energy and seek help from a staffing agency. Avoid the guilt and save your business by getting your free consultation today.

Reducing Recruiting Expenses

You’re looking to fill a position? Well, that’s perfect! However, you need to get the word out and get it out effectively. But how can you get your job listing into the eyes of the right candidate? You could rally up the team and participate in a job fair. You could place your listing in the weekly newspaper or introduce it to the web. But have you really sat down and analyzed how much that costs? It gets pretty expensive. Advertising on craigslist.com is about $25 per listing in a metro area. Sure it’s a little more relieving to cough out $25. But what if you have multiple positions to fill? And let’s be honest, no one really takes Craigslist seriously. So that’s equivalent to tossing money out the window.

Then there’s careerbuilder.com. A much more professional job listing site. But can your business really afford to lose about $400 a month for just listing one position? Wouldn’t it be easier to have one total cost? Wouldn’t it be much easier to get your job listed, get professional staff and save money all in one place? That sounds like a plan to me! This is the beauty of a staffing agency! You can get quality employees and allow the staffing agency to take care of the rest, allowing your business to be in the eyes of the best candidates. Staffing agencies have an immense pool of potential workers who have the skills to fit your business needs today.

Reducing Overtime

Overtime is a quick and easy way to meet demands. But frequent overtime can lead to serious trouble when it comes to your budget since you’re paying time and a half at a minimum. The constant hassle of trying to make ends meet and deadlines can cost you time and money. Looks like it’s time to improve efficiency. The question is how can you improve overtime? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to solve this. Simply employ additional staff. Hire staff that will get the job done, correctly and on time! Maybe it’s time to look into temporary staff. The peak period happens to each and every business. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Look into getting the right staff into your business now. Go ahead and get your free consultation now and kiss the fear of constant overtime goodbye.

Isn’t it time that you took control of your budget? Contact us today to get help from an experienced staffing agency. We have an amazing Job Search page that makes it easy to both share and find open positions. You can learn more about our staffing services here