We know that having top talent is important to any business and we have a few posts here on our blog regarding the topic “top talent”. We’ve provided you with tips on how to attract top talent and also provided you with tips on how to attract highly skilled employees by having a good job description. Now we’re going to give you tips on how you can keep these highly skilled employees in your office.

As we all know, engagement doesn’t just magically happen and we’re sure the last thing you need in your office is employees who are disengaged. With the economy picking up and social recruiting tools making it easier to find new opportunities, highly skilled workers are going to find it easier to change jobs. In order for those highly skilled workers to stay with your company, you need to make a shift in your focus on engagement and retention in order to achieve growth. So how can you engage and retain this talent in 2015? We’re going to assist you once more by providing you with a few tips to create a spike in employee engagement for 2015!

Become/hire better managers

When people leave to take a new job they most likely aren’t leaving because of the company, 9 times out of 10 they’re leaving because of the managers. Now what’s actually causing them to leave as it relates to the managers is completely hard to pinpoint. As the manager, it’s your job to make sure that your staff has a clear understanding of the company. This means that everyone should reflect on the company in a professional and positive manner. Everyone should thoroughly understand the employee code of conduct, the mission, and the vision. Your staff can’t do their job if there’s no clear vision establishment. Keep in mind that top talent never settles for just a “good job”. They want to grow with your business just as much as you want them to so you need to make sure they are aware of the common goal all employees are working towards. Provide your staff with opportunities allowing them to develop their skills. Yes, that’s right give them a challenge! We’re sure your highly skilled employees wouldn’t mind. A good manager always talks to their employees about their struggles and where they would like to grow. Be a good communicator and they will stay!

Recognize and reward your employees

Money and benefits may attract some people to the front door. But something has got to give in order for them to stay away from running out the back door. Some of the biggest inspirations for employees come from just a simple pat on the back. A simple “good job” goes a long way. Trust us, people notice and remember when you give them credit where credit is due. The goal behind this is to provide feedback and rewards in real-time. Your employees put a lot of time into their work because they have a goal to reach. Highly skilled talent goes above and beyond in order to meet deadlines. But here’s the recognition that is meaningful for them – and you as well. Recognition from a challenge that you assigned them! That’s a good feeling for both of you right?

So ladies and gentlemen there you have it. You now have another outlook on the best talent. The best talent is discovered and retained through these three simple steps. You must first attract your potential new hire by having a thorough job description. The best talent will then be attracted to your business and want to pursue a career there. Once you have the top talent in your office you then need to retain them in order for them to stay and be happy.

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