Working with ATHENA

The benefit of working with ATHENA, is that we handle all the aspects of recruiting, including interviewing and hiring candidates.  In order to ensure the success of a job seeker, ATHENA works hard to match employees to clients based on the skills required, previous relevant experience, formal training, and years of experience.

ATHENA digs deeper than the written position description to understand the day-to-day work, and gather information about the office culture, and the overall work environment.  Often the unwritten requirements are as important as the written experience.  A thorough understanding of these details can mean the difference between success and a bad fit.  ATHENA’s goal is to fill the position one time, the first time.  No one benefits when a candidate isn’t good for a position.

Employee Training

ATHENA asks detailed questions about how the employee will be trained and oriented.  Some companies offer formal training programs that fully orient the worker to the nature of the work, day-to-day tasks, expectations, and how to get things done in the office.  Other clients offer very limited training and expect that ATHENA’s candidate is familiar with the work required and will be able to hit the ground running.

We can provide candidates to fit into either environment, but we need to know upfront.  Some experienced employees, who worked in similar settings, have enough knowledge and familiarity to navigate for themselves and get up to speed.  Other employees do not feel comfortable making assumptions about how to complete tasks, and would rather have more concrete instruction.  There are no right or wrong methods here, simply different work styles.

Ensuring a Good Fit

How do we ensure a good fit?  ATHENA’s first step is to clarify expectations and roles with both the client and the employee.  We have as much detail as possible for job seekers so he/she can decide if this is a good job based on their previous experience and skills.  We understand the feel of the office environment – such factors as the hours that the employees are expected to work, compared to the hours that employees actually work.  In some settings, employees often work late and are informally expected to stay late.  We communicate this to our job seekers.

The Right Candidate with ATHENA

ATHENA provides the right candidate the first time.  Our detailed interview with the client provides us with the details to match candidates who will exceed all expectations! We also have a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate Job Search page that lists all available positions. To inquire about working with us, click here.