Finding the perfect space for your company to work out of is crucial. It’s perhaps the second most important step of success after creating a great business model or business plan. You must first understand what your business needs from its space. When done properly, you can ensure an efficient workflow and concentration for you and your employees.

Do you want to save time and money? Try taking some steps to increase organizational logistics within your new space. Whether you’re moving into a home office, a small office, or starting out in a large office or building, remember that the beginning of your transition will consist of doing more than a few small tasks and paying close attention to every detail. These tedious tasks won’t be needed for long, just as long as they are done properly at the start. We’ve created a short checklist to ensure that your business is set up properly, and ready for optimal success. Keep in mind this is a three-part series and you should bookmark this page to come back and learn the other tips we will provide. Let us begin…

Find the Right Space.

Make a decision on what type of office space you’ll be needing for your company. Maybe a large or small office isn’t necessary. You may be able to work out of the comfort of your home. If not, use websites that provide assistance for finding commercial real estates like LoopNet, OfficeFinder, or ShowCase.

Make sure this office space is up to par and in the correct zoning. A business or company has to be legally allowed to operate in whatever area it desires. Inspections must be passed to make sure it is a safe environment for your employees and or customers.

Another aspect to consider is the size of this office space. Is it large enough to fulfill the needs of all your employees? Comfort is critical in any office setting. However, don’t get too comfortable with selecting a space. You don’t want an office so large that the overhead cost is more extreme than it should be. You should also take into extreme consideration how much room you should give your company to grow. This way you won’t have to immediately relocate if your company gets larger overnight.

The last thing you should consider when finding the right space is location. Safety and accessibility for not only your clients, but your employees, are critical. Be sure to consider parking when looking at options for your company as well. It is also a good idea to check and monitor crime rates in the area.

This checklist will cover the basic steps for getting started, as well as those few extra touches that will take your workplace from “this will work” to “this is great.” While all of these points may not be relevant to you and your business, and you may find yourself needing to compromise on some points, it is still useful to work through the list and consider your needs. Head over to part two and part three for more tips on finding the right office space!

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