So you’ve hired this new and amazing candidate and their first day has finally arrived. They walk in the door “I’m here for a great first day” she/he says. You begin to welcome them into work. So it’s time to give him/her what they asked for… a great first day. But do you know how to properly do that? If you do, awesome, if you don’t then keep on reading.

Help them get to know the company and peers well.

New employees need to feel like they’re a part of the company because honestly, they now are. As a boss, you want to make sure your new employee gets to know the company better. Of course, your new awesome hire researched your company before they started. However, it doesn’t hurt to give them a brief run down especially when it comes to their job duties. We’ve all been in the new employee shoes, right? Did your supervisor introduce you to everyone at your new job at the time? Certainly, hope so. By having your new hire meet peers, it helps them get a sense of who they can reach out to for help and who they’ll directly be working with. Walk them through the entire space, let them know where supplies will be, and show them how to properly sign into work. These are things they need to know in order to be successful on their first day along with the next days, months, and maybe years.

Day one doesn’t mean throwing everything at them.

No matter what happened before this new employee whether the previous person quit, got fired or even this doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to throw leftover work onto their plate. Ever heard of the term called turnover? No, well you’ll know what it is if you’re overloading your new employee on day one. Honestly, you want them to feel accomplished on their first day, not like a complete failure. Now we’re not saying don’t give them any work just yet. It’s evident you should give them something to do in order for them to get their feet wet. They may need assistance from you in order to complete their task and you should lend a hand if they need it. Different industries and businesses have different business practices. So your business’s way of production might be something completely new to your new talent. However, encourage them and make them aware that you’re always here to help.


Lunch, lunch, and more lunch. It’s pretty much everyone’s favorite time of the day, right? So this tip is quite simple. Buy your new employee lunch! Simple. It’s a nice, thoughtful, and polite thing to do. A little gifted lunch never hurt anyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s just you and your new employee or if it’s company lunch day. Now granted your new hire might be a bit nervous to attend lunch being the new person. This invites the employees to get to know each other on a more personal level. Allowing the new employee to be more familiar with their peers. This helps increase comfort making sure everyone feels okay with each other, especially your new hire.

So there you have it. A few guaranteed ways to make sure that your new hire has an amazing first day. If you think of a new talent’s first day as their first true impression of you and your business, then it’s good to make sure things don’t go wrong.

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