No matter where you look, businesses everywhere are always looking for ways to maximize every dollar. In the business world, every single dollar counts so managing your staffing investment is important!  A smart way to manage your staffing investment is by allowing the right staff into your business. You’ll be surprised by how much keeping good staff in your business makes a difference. In today’s blog post, we’re going to discuss how you can improve the value of your staffing investment for good if you are struggling.

First, you may be thinking, “how on earth can my staff actually be an investment?” Typically when people think of investment they don’t really think about people. Some people think of cars, houses, and electronics. However, believe it or not, your staff is an investment. You have to first find them by creating attractive job descriptions. Once that’s complete you then have to conduct interviews. Welcome to the hiring process! It can get lengthy and overwhelming if you don’t have the right people conducting the interviews but you have to do everything right in order to get the best staff. If you want to make sure you’re getting the best, invest in getting staff from a staffing agency.

For starters, if you’re going to work with an agency, you need to work with the best. Do plenty of homework and research. Explore each staffing agency along every perimeter. See who some of their clients are. Who are they? What do they do? Have you heard of them? Be sure to consider these questions. Bottom line, a good staffing agency should be professional, have a good attitude, and have knowledge in your industry. Whether they specialize in government agencies in general or specific departments such as health and human services, you need to examine their clients. Why? Well, examining a business’s clients will help you determine their willingness to attack challenges. It also says that they take pride in expanding their clientele. This is always a good thing. It will also tell you a lot about the quality of their business. Choose carefully because you don’t want to be left in the dark with bad hires (they’ll cost you) and endless turnover. Don’t be afraid to be picky – it’s okay. You need to be specific in order to get the best business for your business. Regardless of what you do, your business deserves the best. If you aren’t specific you won’t get what you need. The staffing consulting firm will send you what they think you need and you don’t want that. Why? Well, the staff may lack the skills you need in order to perform at their best abilities setting your business back further than it really needs to be. Your business is their business too so make sure you are being thorough with one another.

Now let’s say you pick a staffing consulting firm that you like and they give you the staff your business truly needs to get ahead. Wonderful! You made a good choice in picking the right staffing agency for your business. This is only the first step to many things. First things first, you have a staffing company that hits the nail on the head. They listened to exactly what you needed and gave you just that. Good quality employees, Bingo! It sounds like that staffing agency is a keeper after all. So what you do now is you keep that business as future contact in case you run into any other staffing issues. Good quality staffing firms are great partners for your business. Once you’ve done that it’s time to retain these excellent employees of yours. Don’t put certain employees in favoritism groups. This is a business no-no. Treating all your employees with the same respect will increase employee productivity. Don’t think that you have to give everyone bonuses every day or give out extra paid time off even though that would be quite a luxury. Employees just want to feel appreciated. Give them praises every now and then. A little “good job” goes a long way!

So make your investment worthwhile and choose Athena. Maximizing your staffing dollars and retaining employees doesn’t have to be hard. We have an amazing, all-in-one Jobs Search page to make it easy for prospective employees to see our current open positions. Learn more about our staffing services here and send us an email for inquiries.