In this competitive job market securing an interview is a significant first step. The interview is a way to set yourself apart and make a lasting impression on an employer and convince them that you are a perfect fit for the role. While it’s not feasible to know every question an employer might ask, preparing for common questions and practice is essential. Keep reading for eight job interview tips that will leave your employer feeling confident about your application.

Job Interview Tip #1: Research

It’s important to know the company you’re interviewing for so you can be fully prepared. Before your interview look up the company’s website, social media accounts, or news stories to get an understanding of the company culture. Researching the organization is also important to understand their background and mission and how that relates to your skills and experiences. If you know the people who will be interviewing, you it can also be important to look up their background so you can connect with them.

Job Interview Tip #2: Know Your Resume

Having a very deep understanding of your resume so you can answer detailed questions and promote your achievements confidently. Looking over your resume can also help you highlight your skills and experiences that are relevant to the job description.

Job Interview Tip #3: Know Your Elevator Pitch

“Can you tell me a bit about yourself?” This question is asked in almost every single interview so that employers can get a better sense of your candidacy and your story. It’s important to prepare a response catered to the position that talks about your professional and educational background while also having a compelling beginning, middle, and end. You can weave together your passion for the job with your background to help the interviewer understand why you’re a good fit.

Highlighting specific examples from your background that show your skills or relate to the job can also help the interviewer picture you in the position. Practicing this response with a friend or mentor can also help you get the pace and timing right and help you sound more natural and confident.

Job Interview Tip #4: Practice Makes Perfect

While you won’t know every question the interviewers will throw at you, practicing your answer to common questions and coming up with examples can provide you with a baseline during the interview and help you articulate your thoughts. This Harvard Business Review article provides 10 examples of common interview questions, as well as tips and examples of how to respond and answer. Practicing these questions will help you get a feel for the interview process while also helping your confidence.

Job Interview Tip #6: Prepare Questions

Another job interview tip to help you stand out in the interview process is to prepare questions for your interviewer to show your interest in the role and the organization. Refer to topics talked about in your interview to show your engagement. You can also ask questions about the company culture, how to measure success or specific questions about the role. Asking insightful questions shows the interviewer your enthusiasm.

Job Interview Tip #7: Dress Appropriately

While preparing for the content of an interview is important, it’s also important to dress the part. Your outfit should reflect the company culture and be appropriate for the position you are applying to. And remember that dressing more formally is always better than underdressing.

Job Interview Tip #8: Follow Up

Even when the interview is over it’s important to follow up with the interviewers to show your gratitude and enthusiasm and to remind them of your candidacy. Communication during the job process is extremely important for future success and shows the company your communication skills.

By incorporating these job interview tips into your strategy, you can be fully prepared to make a winning impression and increase your chances of success. Remember to stay positive and authentic throughout the process and your path will be filled with success. If you are currently looking for jobs make sure to check out our open positions page to search for jobs. Click here to see all of our current open positions!