Staffing trends are constantly changing, becoming more innovative and centered around changing technology. As staffing trends continue to rise, so is the opportunity to create strong and adaptable work environments. Keep reading for seven staffing trends to watch this year.

AI Advancements

Staffing trends have seen a huge surge towards AI hiring tools and technologies. There has been an increase in generative AI and other AI powered software to streamline the hiring process by screening candidates, predicting candidate success, scheduling interviews and more. However, it is imperative to proceed with caution and maintain a human touch when using these tools to account for AI bias or other glitches. Some states have started regulating AI, but there is no consistent standard yet. If you would like to learn more, click here to read our article on AI hiring laws and how to maintain a human touch in the hiring process.

Compensation Communication

Another 2024 staffing trend is providing pay transparency for workers, who are seeking more open communication and compensation information from employers. This shift can foster trust and accountability among employers and employees while also promoting workplace equity.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Fostering diverse and inclusive workplaces is one of our main focuses at ATHENA and it reflects an overall staffing trend towards DEI initiatives. Creating environments where employees feel valued and empowered is key for employee growth and retention. Implementing strategies to attract talent from underrepresented groups and non-traditional employee pools is important.


As remote work has become standard since the start of the pandemic, continuing to provide hybrid or remote options can help increase flexibility for your employees and increase the number of opportunities for eligible employees.

Internal Growth

One of the most important 2024 staffing trends is upskilling and reskilling employees. As changes to technology advance, employers need to invest in their employees and train their workforce to make sure they have updated knowledge and skills for these changing workforces. These training programs can also increase retention and reduce long term costs by providing career progression opportunities.

Skill-Based Hiring

Skills-based hiring is another rising staffing trend as it can help bridge talent gaps and broaden the candidate pool. Offering alternate credentials in addition to traditional qualifications such as skills-based assessments can help match candidates to jobs they can succeed in with the right skills. This method can also contribute to initiatives surrounding diversity and inclusion.

Strategic Staffing Agencies

One of the most important staffing trends of 2024 is using staffing agencies to connect talented candidates to the right organizations. Staffing agencies are at the forefront of navigating changes to the staffing world, from AI integration to emphasizing diversity. Using staffing agencies will help employers find workers with specialized skills and ensure flexibility. If you are looking for a staffing partner, ATHENA Consulting is a woman-owned business that specializes in recruiting and staffing quality people from a diverse pool of candidates for a wide range of positions across many industries. We offer a myriad of staffing services such as recruiting services, finance, and accounting, and more. To learn more about our other staffing services, click here.