There are many places to go when looking for a job.  Many people use staffing firms to assist them in their search.  If you are one of them, make sure you are aware of the do’s and don’ts when utilizing a firm listed below.


Apply to multiple staffing agencies. Don’t leave your careers future in the hands of only one company if you don’t have to. Depending on the staffing firm, the opportunities offered may be more fitting for you. For example, both staffing firms may offer office administrative positions but one may pay significantly higher than the other. These are the differences you owe yourself as the employee. In fact, some staffing firms may take a greater interest in their employees and work on their behalf. See what’s our their and what suits your needs as an employee, and base your decision from it.

Research the staffing agency you’re about to apply with. Just because we suggest you submit your resume to multiple staffing firms, doesn’t mean we want you to submit your resume to ALL recruiting agencies. Do your due dillegence! The research and statistics are there, and if you can’t find the success rate of a staffing firm, call them and find out. They owe it to you, to provide that information. But applying to all before doing your background search is unacceptable. You can end up finding a position that is well-underpaid in that particular industry, because the staffing agency took a lower deal just to be able to compete for that client.

Establish a relationship with your recruiter. As an employee for a staffing firm, your first and only friend is your recruiter. He or she is the person who sought you out over so many other equally qualified candidates. Use this to your advantage and keep in touch, even after receiving a position. Respond to e-mails or phone calls promptly. He or she is just as much your boss as the client you’ve been assigned to temporarily work for. Any updates in your career path should be available and communicated to your recruiter as well. He or she is your best ally if you use them the right way.

Look good and be ready. This is actually a grave mistake that new temporary workers have made. The key to being successful in a temp job is to show up for work at the agreed upon time, in fact be early for your shift! Make sure you find out what the dress code of the assignment calls for, whether it is business casual or steel toed boots. Be dressed and ready to work on the morning of your assignment. Have your notebook and pen ready to take notes, and leave the personal business behind when you get to the temp assignment.


Avoid getting on peoples nerves. This is a common no-no in most work settings. When and if they need or want you, you’ll be the first person to know. Calling, leaving multiple messages and sending multiple e-mails is a sure shot way to have your resume go to the bottom. Yes, we know you’re eager and you want to get paid, but staffing firm recruiters are doing their job and you can be viewed by many as a disruption. Besides which, you’re not the only person in line for a job. The time that recruiter spends talking to you everyday can be time spent finding you an opportunity. So remember, “when and if they need or want you, you’ll be the first person to know.”

Lying isn’t the way. A part of the recruiting process is checking each candidates background. In fact it’s as important as checking for qualifications. It’s a priority to both the staffing agency and the client. This can mean checking past work references, educational and training credentials, and running a criminal background check and drug test. Don’t think for a second lying about anyone of these categories will get you through the doors. A good staffing firm is thorough with these checks, because their relationship with their clients hang in the balance. When you lie to your recruiter and they find out (which they will), consider a “career bridge” burned.

Follow these do’s and don’ts and you’ll have no problem in your experience working for a staffing firm. Not only will the staffing agency love you, but clients will love you as well. This can be a door opener to going from a temp position to a full-time, permanent with the client. Read more on the benefits of a recruiting agency, and get more comfortable. After that, find the job for you.

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