Have you tried hiring employees through a staffing firm? Have you once considered filling vacancies in your office using a staffing firm, but never took the time to do your due diligence? Listed below are 8 advantages of hiring a staffing firm, and reasons why you, as an employer, can benefit from services select staffing.

  1. Decreased Employee Workloads: Ever find the need to fill a position in a hurry based on a particular task or project? Are others in the office picking up the slack because a position is vacant or unfilled? With the help of a staffing agency, these problems go away! Have positions filled fast, so that others in the office are not doing the work of the vacant position.
  2. Increased Overall Productivity: Once you’ve filled those vacant positions around the office, with the assistance of a staffing agency, previous employees are able to focus on their own work. Subsequently, this will increase the entire productivity of your office. No longer are deadlines not met and/or projects left unfinished.
  3. Increased Employee Morale: If the productivity around the office is increased, you’ve created a happy home for both the employees and yourself as the employer. Decreased workloads equal less stress amongst the entire office. Less stress among the employees in the office creates a more productive and positive work environment.
  4. Improved Customer Relationships: The benefits of a staffing agency exceed the value of just the employer-to-employee relationship. The relationship employees have with customers is of the utmost importance which is why employee morale is critical to ensure a positive interaction with all potential and existing customers.  Using a staffing agency relieves the pressure of fulfilling other needs in the office allowing a greater emphasis on the consumers’ experience.  A happier customer always results in increased revenue.
  5. Decreased Organization Costs: Everyone knows that time is money. Using a staffing agency allows you to save time and money in many ways.  Not only are you saving time by not having to source and screen applicants but you are saving money with reduced overtime, payroll taxes, unemployment costs, and Worker’s Compensation costs.  There is also the opportunity to save on employee benefits if you hire the right firm. When hiring a staffing agency, be sure to know what their services entail so that you ensure optimal savings for your company!
  6. Recruiting Expertise: Staffing agencies provide their clients with some of the most polished recruiters. Experience in the workforce is key when it comes to selecting the right candidate so many staffing agencies hire recruiters that not only have experience in the field themselves but also those who have experience recruiting in the same field.  This enables the recruiter to identify candidates that are much more than what they identify themselves as on paper.  Recruiters are able to identify the soft skills needed to do the job exceptionally well. So many times, employers are faced with the reality that the candidate they selected for the position just doesn’t work. This may be because the employer doesn’t have a full-service recruitment department that is knowledgeable of the different types of positions associated with the company. Recruitment is a full-time responsibility and without the expertise, knowledge, and a wide array of professional familiarity with the workforce, recruiting will continue to be a problem.  In order to assure that recruiting doesn’t remain a problem for you, make sure you take the time to find a staffing agency that has recruiters with expertise in your industry.
  7. Flexibility: Don’t get tied down to a candidate. Only hire based on your needs and demand. If you don’t need a full-time employee, you hold that right. Staffing agencies provide employers with temp-to-hire, temporary, permanent, and direct-hire positions to fit your current demand. Whether you have an increase in production in a particular season, are starting up a new project, or are looking to have someone administer a program, staffing agencies can provide the right staff for your specific needs.
  8. Decreased Organizational Risk: As an employer, you have legal liabilities related to unemployment and Worker’s Compensation. By using a staffing agency, you no longer have to worry about these liabilities.  If an employee gets hurt on the job, the staffing agency takes care of everything associated with Worker’s Compensation. If you decide that an employee is no longer meeting your needs, you can call your staffing agency and they will take care of releasing the individual.  In the event that the former employee files for unemployment, the staffing agency is responsible for handling the unemployment claim.

Job placement is obviously critical to any successful business. Learn more about our services here and check out our Job Search page to view all current available openings. We hope this has helped you get a better understanding of how staffing agencies can help your organization!