As a business, the last thing you want to happen is to waste time. Everyone’s time is valuable because once you lose it you can’t get it back. Speaking of time, ever heard of the term time-to-fill? Well just in case you’ve never heard of that term before here’s a definition. Time-to-fill is a common measure used in human resources to evaluate the average amount of time it takes to fill an open position. This is normally measured from the point the job request is submitted by the hiring manager to the point the candidate signs the offer letter.

Now in a perfect world, perfect candidates would magically just fall directly into your office making your time-to-fill the best in the industry. But unfortunately ladies and gentlemen, the world just isn’t that magical and things just don’t work that way even though it would be pretty nice if things could happen that way. So back to reality, your business is looking to fill a position. Quite honestly, so are you and a million other businesses across America. This means you want to plan carefully. You want the time it takes to find, interview, hire and train new staff to be as time-saving as possible.

Below, we’ve provided your business with simple tips for reducing the time to fill job openings. how your business can reduce its time to fill will ensure that your business stays as productive as possible.

  • Always stay on your toes- The hiring process doesn’t have to seem so gloomy. It’s smooth sailing when you’re always keeping your eyes open and keeping your recruitment alert radar in tune. You never know, you could run into your best employee when you least expect it. It’s important to always stay alert when it comes to hiring, this will allow the people in your hiring department to develop a list of potential candidates if the job offer isn’t right. Some ways that you can always stay on your toes are to utilize your business’s social media presence. Post any job listings you currently have open on your social media outlets and even one’s that you recruit for often. Engage your viewers/followers and encourage them to help you spread the word. A simple retweet goes a long way.
  • Work with a staffing partner- Staffing agencies are in fact experts at what they do when it comes to finding businesses staff. It’s their specialty. It’s important to let the staffing agency know as much information about your business as possible. The more they know about your business, the better they can assist you. A recruiter at the staffing firm will carefully address what your business is and what actually works for your business. Staffing agencies do all the time-consuming work for you including searching, screening, conducting interviews, and picking the best candidates from their plentiful candidate pool.  The best staffing agencies even know where to post your jobs to get the most qualified candidates quickly to speed up your time to fill.

Begin the process of getting more productive by looking into your staff. Ask yourself these questions: Do you need some extra hands? Are you going to finally fill that vacancy that’s been open for months? Allow Athena to bring you the professionals you need in order to allow that spike in growth to happen. We even have an entire page dedicated to job-seekers with all current openings, here. Your business is truly worth the investment. And the very first step is free! Send us an email to start the process today that will make the biggest short-term and long-term difference in your business.