So quick question here, when you think of staffing firms do you think of them as just a company who’s just there to help you find staff? Do you think that most companies keep staffing firms around for only a short time? Do you think that companies only reach out to staffing agencies for assistance in emergency situations? While those thoughts can be relatively true, some businesses do only rely on staffing agencies for temporary usage. But those businesses also ignore the real benefits of having staffing agencies.

Quite honestly, it’s important to keep a staffing agency as a long-term business relationship. These are the people who take care of some of your most critical business issues. Now here’s another question you might be thinking about. How can a staffing agency be a strategic partner for my business? Here’s the low down…

When a business uses a staffing firm on an as-needed basis, think about how little time they have! Things can get a little cloudy when your needs are being thrown into a list of businesses you don’t have a good relationship with. Sure they’re going to get the work done but imagine the production that can happen if you choose to work with a staffing agency over time. Your business then becomes a staple. Meaning your chosen staffing agency will learn your needs.

This allows them to recruit candidates who are better suited for your business. And since your business is now a staple relationship, whenever you need assistance from them you’ll get tailored assistance specific to your needs and perhaps your wants. They won’t allow space for candidates who fit the generic job description into your business. At this point, they have a better understanding of your business and will find you candidates who’ll fit perfectly into your business. Besides knowing your current or frequent staffing needs, they’ll develop a vision for your future, making sure your workplace is up to the task. After all your business is their business!

Now keep in mind, what you know is powerful to what can be done to bring the best out of your business. After all, this is your business and you know a good amount of information! Staffing firms can only do their work based on the information that you give them. When you’re given the time to speak to them in your free consultation, this is the time when you have to be honest and tell them exactly what you need. You have to help them so that they can help you.

The more you know about your business the better your chances will be to exploit your strengths and destroy your weaknesses. During your consultation, it’s important to be honest and realistic about your business. Here’s something that will help them better understand your business as a whole. Tell them what your business is about and why your business was created in the first place. Perhaps tell them a little history behind your business and your company morals. The more they know about you the better they can help you in the long run.

Imagine the power that can take place when you allow a staffing agency to partner with your business. The accomplishments can become endless and everyone in your office gets a piece of that satisfaction. Visit our Job Search page for all current openings and learn more about our services at Why Join ATHENA. Then, contact us to get started today!