Before partnering with a staffing firm, wouldn’t it be an advantage if you knew what staffing strategies they have used? Methods and techniques used by recruitment companies are what makes one different from another. How successful a staffing agency is because of these strategies is what you as a prospective client WANT and NEED to know! Let’s look at some common solutions that aren’t as effective as they once used to be.

1. A Salary Pitch Isn’t as Effective Anymore. There was a time when employees took the job that offered the highest salary. However, with extra incentives such as stock options, telecommuting, and the simple thought of quality of life, salary just isn’t enough. Stability and happiness play a huge role. Employees want to know if their position is safe tomorrow and further down the road. The job that pays $75,000/annually opposed to a similar position that pays $68,000/annually and comes with stock options might be more favorable to a prospective hire.

2. Job Boards Aren’t as Effective Anymore. A staffing agency that only uses online job boards as a source of finding qualified help isn’t any help to you. Anyone can post a job listing on a few websites. When online job boards first became relevant, I’m sure great candidates were always available. Since then, the internet has gotten a bit more clustered and in return has opened the door for more resumes and less qualified candidates. I don’t think online job boards or listings are completely useless, just hope the staffing firm your company has entrusted to supply you workers is using multiple outlets to find potential candidates and is strategic about how they are doing so.

3. Cold Calling Isn’t Effective Anymore. Unlike the first two tips, this one shouldn’t come as anyone’s surprise. We all know that gatekeepers are trained to screen calls to keep unwanted callers from getting through to the person they are intending to contact.  Nowadays, it is more effective to network and builds relationships so that you are provided with direct contact information of the decision-maker you are hoping to connect with. Networking has taken the place of many old-school techniques and cold calling is among that list. 

If a staffing firm is successful they are more than likely aware of these notions and believe the same in regards to recruitment solutions. A recruiting firm should give its client the very best every time they seek a candidate. Sometimes this means doing things a bit differently to get the best results.

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