So after reading our previous blog entry about summer employment and staffing needs, we’ve decided your business does indeed need seasonal temporary staffing this summer. We were able to come to this conclusion due to the fact that business tends to pick up around this season for you, and you want to be prepared for the rush. Well with all that said, what’s next?

Be Proactive. Stay one step ahead of your business needs by looking at last year’s plans, reports, and sales. Do you typically do more business in July than in March? Were you down key contributors when a slew of new projects came in? Assess your daily needs based on past predictors. This will help you plan for business needs with less downtime as well as determine how many staff members you need, and in which roles.

Be Prepared. Have job descriptions written ahead of time so they’re ready to be posted or handed off to a temporary staffing agency. Know exactly what you need and why you need it such as a social media manager to keep your communications flowing and engagement up so you can be as turnkey as possible. And if you’re not exactly sure what you need in a temporary hire, perhaps you’re in the market for a Jack-or-Jill-of-all-projects, your staffing partner can work with you to find the best fit to cover all your bases.

Be Proactive. Don’t waste valuable time between an employee’s departure and a temporary worker coming on board. Before your star graphic designer takes off for the Bahamas, ask him or her to wrap up as many tasks as possible. Then put together a detailed project list (organized by priority) to hand off to the temporary worker so nothing slips through the cracks. Most importantly, know what’s critical and what can wait. 

However, remember that you can’t plan for everything. Sometimes your temporary staffing needs will sneak up on you. (Think long-term jury duty or bereavement). In cases like these, it’s wise to rely on staffing experts so you don’t make a hasty hire. With these temporary staffing tips in your back pocket, you’ll be set for a smooth, stress-free summer, at least when it comes to seasonal hiring.

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