Are you in the midst of a long summer rush? For many businesses in Maryland, the months of July and August can be a bit hectic! Follow these tips and make sure you are prepared for temporary staffing during these summer days.

Minimum Wage. Make sure you’re adhering to Maryland’s state minimum wage, which is equal to the federal minimum wage. As of April 2014, the MD minimum wage pay rate is $7.25/hr. (with a planned increase to $8.00/hr. on January 1, 2015).

Employee Handbook. Make sure your company handbook includes policies and benefits for summer workers. If you use them, they should. Having written policies about pay and benefits will prevent potential employment-related issues.

New Hire Paperwork. Seasonal and part-time workers require the same paperwork as full-time, direct employees. As a reminder, staffing firms ensure that all required paperwork (including the W-4 and the I-9) is completed for each of the temporary employees they provide.

Child Labor Laws (*if applicable). If you plan to hire workers under age 18, check to ensure you are complying with federal and MD state laws relating to hiring minors. Often, hours and types of work are restricted to those under the age of 18. In areas where federal and state laws differ, you must comply with the more restrictive provisions.

Employee Treatment. If your summer staff qualifies for benefits, you must treat them the same as other employees. Like the employee handbook, doing so will prevent potential employment-related issues.

Beware of Interns. Student interns can be an attractive option for completing extra work over the summer months, but they are not without their risks. Make sure interns are enrolled in an accredited academic program, and that the work they do helps them develop broadly applicable skills. The U.S. Department of Labor has information on its website to help you create a compliant internship program.

Work with a Leading Maryland Employment Agency. A good staffing firm provides flexible, on-demand access to the talented temporary workers you need – without the risks, benefits expenses, or time associated with recruiting and hiring on your own.

When your business heats up this summer, look toward our staffing firm to cool down the pressure of your employment vacancy needs. Find more staffing tips for the summer here and view all current job openings here. If you need additional help, please contact us today.