Take a second and think about the benefits your company offers its employees and why you think your staff truly loves coming to work every day. More times than not, besides the salary, it’s probably the healthcare options made available. Aside from the salary, an employee might only stay with a company because of the healthcare benefits received by the employer. With the implementation of The Affordable Care Act (ACA), companies may have to choose between paying the fines, decreasing the full-time personnel numbers, or figuring out where the extra money will come to pay the healthcare demands according to the law. As an employer, you are now faced with a unique hiring challenge. How can you eliminate some of these issues caused by the ACA? Are there any affordable solutions out there? Well, hiring temp workers may be your best bet. I mean healthcare is mostly only offered to full-time employees anyway, right? Right. Let’s examine some benefits of temporary employees, and how your company can survive successfully in this ACA day and age.

Temp Workers are not Part-Time Employees

Staffing agencies are an excellent resource for business owners who need the extra hands but not the extra hassles. Those who perform temp work usually do not have benefits provided. However, it is important for the temp worker to understand if they become permanent, the staffing agency is required to offer them health insurance under the ACA. If you want to hire temp workers to stay under the 50-member staff requirements, working with a staffing agency can be a smart option. Keep in mind that temporary and permanent are two different roles and hold different requirements.

Helping Small Businesses

While the larger companies are able to navigate through the ACA with help from their on-staff attorneys, healthcare experts, and even a full HR department, the smaller companies will be left to figure it out on their own. If they are unable to work through the problems and afford the requirements, they may decide to just hire temp workers for the time being. Small businesses rarely have the funds available to decide, on a whim, to hire more team members. The decisions take longer and require more planning, making temporary employment a great option for them to remain in compliance with the ACA.

Moving Forward in 2014
with Temp Workers

The new healthcare laws will be implemented in full in 2014 and whether or not you like or agree with them, won’t matter. It is part of the healthcare reform that is passed and will be enforced. Whether you have a need for temporary workers or you are a temporary worker, weigh your options before jumping into new employment or taking on new employees. There are plenty of viable and cost-effective ways to comply without causing financial harm to your future.

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