Afraid of all the staffing firm myths you’ve been hearing over the years?

Don’t let public opinion prevent you from jump-starting a career in a wonderful industry. These days, staffing companies are sometimes frowned upon by job seekers, when they shouldn’t be at all.

Myth #1 of Staffing Firms: These positions aren’t “real” jobs.

A popular stigma in regard to staffing firms is that they don’t offer their employees “real jobs.” This can’t be any further from the truth. Major companies like Amazon, Continental Airlines, Freddie Mac, Hearst Publications, Microsoft, PG &E, RBC Dain Rauscher, Suntron, Sony, Starbucks, and Visa have developed a budget solely for hiring temporary staff. Many times with these temporary positions, opportunities arise for full-time consideration.

Myth #2: These positions will only last a few weeks.

Depending on the assignment, a candidate may be able to work anywhere from a week to a year. If you do a good job with the assignment and your efforts are recognized by your superiors and the company, that period of time can be further extended or made permanent. These cases aren’t rare either. You’re able to gain exposure to numerous positions, companies, and other opportunities by working with a staffing firm. This is what is so beneficial about the staffing agency option. After a certain period of time, you’ll have a better understanding of the industry and everything it asks of you. You’re able to find out what company culture or office styles fit your personality best. So the positions have a strong possibility of lasting as long as you as an employee allow it to. The ball is in your court, you just have to execute!

Myth #3 of Staffing Firms: These positions are only for administrative or entry-level type employees.

These days staffing firms offer positions in all types of industries and position types. Anywhere from program directors to program managers. Maybe ten, or twenty years ago, these opportunities didn’t exist, but administrative positions and entry-level positions are no longer the end-all, be-all for staffing firms. Staffing firms are giving candidates the opportunity to get their foot in the door, offering various positions in various industries.

Myth #4: These positions don’t come with benefits. 

This is almost always true, but it depends on the staffing firm itself. Some offer the same opportunities as “real” companies; direct deposit, holiday pay, medical/dental, referral bonuses, and 401k benefits. “Not only have staffing companies evolved into a highly professionalized industry, but they also offer a career entry point no one should pass up,” said Cheryl Ferguson of The Recruiter’s Studio, a career resources website. “If you find yourself unemployed and unclear about your prospects after graduation, consider a staffing company as you would your university placement center ­ you really can’t afford to pass on a resource that just might land you the job you want or at least a clearly marked path to it.”

In conclusion, don’t believe everything you hear. Staffing agencies have become beneficial for not only those looking to hire but those looking to get hired as well. Learn more about our services here.