Why Job-Seekers Are Afraid.

 Now I’m sure you’ve read the title of this blog and you think the author is crazy…and you’re absolutely right. But, not crazy in this instance. See working for a staffing firm for almost a year has put a lot in perspective for me. I can remember going to job interviews fresh out of college, only to find out the job is via a staffing agency and I’m being prepped by a Recruiter, not the company itself. I also remember feeling hopeless…feeling as though I’m inadequate or not good enough to get the companies or industries attention directly. Ironically, not too long after I ended up being hired by a staffing firm. And during my tenure here, I’ve been able to see the inside of the staffing industry and have a much greater appreciation for the concept and a recruiting agencies intentions. 

Why Job Seekers Should Use Them.

Ever stop to think to yourself why those dream jobs aren’t posted on popular job boards by the employer you are hoping to become employed with? Well most times, it’s because top companies seek the services of employment agencies to sweep through the long list of qualified or non-qualified candidates. These dream companies depend on the help of staffing firms for everything from resume screenings to interviews. This way, they don’t have to waste their time and resources on the thousands of dreamy candidates that apply. It’s the staffing firms job to find the right professional, at the right time!

In fact, an April 2011 Staffing Industry Report finds that industry revenue went up 12 percent in 2010. It forecasts that professional staffing revenue will hit $50.6 billion by 2012. What does this mean for you? It means that these agencies actually have clients that could be your next employer.

They’ve Invested in your Career.

Unlike your high school job at the burger stand, it is the duty of an staffing firm to seek your best interest in regards to your career. When hired by a staffing firm, you represent that company, not the client you’ll potentially be placed at. If you look bad, they look bad and vice versa.  As a result, employment agencies prep you for interviews so that you impress their client. In other words, you’ll never go into an interview blind. It’s common for a recruiting agency to help tweak your resume and/or cover letter, appearance and other aspects of the job search, so that you best represent the firm.

Negotiation Assistance.

Since the employment agency primarily acts as your agent in the job search, your issues with placement, need to negotiate benefits, salary or commissions will all be addressed.  Employment agencies will work with you and for you. As mentioned earlier, it’s in their best interest to make sure that both the employee and the client are satisfied.

While employment agencies may not be for everyone, they are a viable option for finding anything from temporary work to permanent employment. With unemployment hovering at 9.2%, I say you consider giving them a shot. If you’d like to read more on staffing firms, visit our Why Join ATHENA page and subscribe to our blog here.