As we know millennial workers are becoming a trend in the workplace now. Being as though baby boomers are starting to retire. It’s time to pass the torch to the next generation. One of the perks of having millennials in your workplace is that they’re young minds for one and they’re up-to-date with what’s new and fresh. This means new and innovative ideas can come to your business. But where do you find these awesome millennial workers? And how on earth do you retain millennial employees and keep them in your workplace? Well, in order to know how to do just that, keep reading.

Embrace the change to retain millennial employees

As we mentioned before millennials are beginning to take over the workplace by storm. It’s said that millennials will take up 75% of the global workplace by 2025. Crazy, right? In other words, get ready to prepare yourself, your business, and your future millennials! But keep in mind, we live in a constantly changing world. So not only do you need to prepare yourself for the millennial trend but you need to prepare yourself for upcoming workforce trends. Trends such as the working remotely trend as well as the flexible work schedule trend. These are the type of trends that attract millennials. Eventually, your business is going to have to adapt to these business trends for 2015.

Keep them mentally engaged

Being bored is boring! It’s a bad feeling when you’re coming to work and continually feel a lack of engagement. For some, it’s a fear to no longer approach a challenge at work while some also fear not learning anything. Millennials want to feel engaged at work. They want to have purpose and you have to make work interesting for them if you don’t want them walking out the door. Millennials are known for job hopping however, they don’t have to be “job hoppers”. Most millennials want to stay in a place and begin their career at a young age. They want a job they’ll love so they don’t have to constantly “job hop”. We can only imagine that to get pretty tiring. So give your millennials a challenge and let them learn something new for a change. It’s guaranteed that their work ethic and productivity will excel.

Are you having trouble in your efforts to attract and retain millennial employeess? If so, contact us today to get help from an experienced staffing agency. We have an amazing Job Search page that makes it easy to both share and find open positions. You can learn more about our staffing services here. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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