It’s 2014 guys, it’s time your company depended on a staffing firm whose an expert with recruiting software to provide your staffing solutions. Besides, everything else is being run via software, ie. time and attendance, payroll, etc. With the advancement of technology, the best staffing agency is hiring more fluidly than ever before. Wouldn’t it be great, if your recruiting processes went smoothly? Let’s examine a few ways, the recruiting software used by staffing firms can assist with your business or company. Don’t worry, you’re not the only company that has this issue, recruiting issues and staffing needs are common! That’s why staffing firms exist, for strategic recruiting! Shall we begin?

Easy Collaboration. Why is collaboration important you ask? Collaboration is what every successful business, or department at least, depends on among its employees. It’s a line of open communication. In the hiring process, more than one usually should examine a candidate and sign off on him or her. Using collaboration via recruiting software, employees are able to select the right candidate through conversation based on what they all see or do NOT see. Staffing firms that use recruiting software allow more than one user to gain access to each employee. You should be able to browse files, review and take notes, and track/monitor the candidates’ progress during the period of observation.

Post More Effectively. Don’t forget, when utilizing job boards you are competing with several other prospective employers for similar positions attractive to prospective employees. Avoid the competition! Some recruiting software allows staffing firms to create their own company-branded career page, that can be embedded on your company’s site. Staffing firms are also allowed to customize recruiting with a company-unique hiring website. Enjoying custom workflows and applications all in one place.

24/7 Accessibility. When looking to fill a position for your company, you’ll come across all sorts of problems and barriers to overcome. With recruiting software, staffing firms are able to access your work at any time of day. From work, from home, and even on mobile devices depending on what kind of software you’re using. You can respond to a prospective applicant a lot faster than usual and connect immediately at any time of day.

Customized Applications. Now of course you can draft a standard application or purchase a template for some positions; executive openings often require a more specific application process. Wouldn’t it be better if you could take advantage of customized applications to meet your needs, based on what opportunity it is that exists? Staffing firms have all this at their fingertips because of their customized recruiting software.

Steady Pipeline. Money. The one thing that can limit your visibility when looking to fill a position. Job boards aren’t free. Neither is it free to spend days finding the right candidates. Even if it is considered affordable for your company, you still run the risk of finding unqualified candidates. This is a risk no company, large or small, should gamble with. Some staffing firms have linked their recruiting software to partner with established job boards, allowing you to receive the best of the best of whom is available.

Let a staffing firm solve your staffing issues. The best staffing firms utilize the ease of recruiting software and have made it a primary concern of their company. The recruitment process is stressful. Consider the many benefits of using a staffing firm. From posting on larger job sites to attracting the best candidates, we’d like to believe teaming with a staffing firm to utilize their many gifts, is a great investment for many companies.

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