Do you drag your feet when it comes to making staffing decisions for your company or organization? Note that the decisions you make in regard to employment can have a lasting effect on your company’s success either positively or negatively. Make every decision your BEST decision.

Filling Vacancies

For instance, filling vacancies by use of job boards and social media platforms are great ways to attract new talent. However, there is still a level of knowledgeable experience demanded by this process. Don’t think for a second that receiving 100 resumes for one position will bring you the right candidate. Sometimes receiving just a few resumes for the available position save time, money, and resources and achieve the ultimate goal…filling the position.

Candidate Sourcing Tips

Here are a few tips that can help you gain the attention of the applicants you’re looking for while keeping the obvious non-contenders out of the running.

1. Utilize Employees you Already Have. 

Who knows what the company needs more than the employees? The work culture is comprised of the people already employed by your company. Not only are they the backbone of your success, but they are also linked to a network of other like-minded individuals who also share the same interest and concentration in whatever industry your company is part of. A good way to encourage your current employees to join in on the search is by offering bonuses or stipends to whoever provides you with successful recommendations.

2. Be Creative and Straightforward

In your posting, take the time to say the RIGHT things about the position. Say the RIGHT things about the company. Require that the candidate also say the RIGHT things about themselves. Stray away from the cliché words and redundant phrases. However, remain clear in your approach. Your job title should describe the job you’re looking to hire for. Job seekers won’t search for job terms like “Advertising Wizards” or “Amazing Copywriter.” Keep your job title simple. “Advertising Associate” or “Copywriter,” is just enough to attract potential candidates. Feel free to weed out these candidates by using words that invite emotion.

3. Define the Job, Not the Candidates

As the employer, you know exactly what you’re looking for from the candidate but candidate sourcing can be difficult. Instead of listing trait for trait what you expect from the candidate, allow these job seekers to self-select based on the job description. Anyone can pretend to be a “self-starter” or “detail-oriented” if they know they need to be. The key is to find the RIGHT candidates, not the most candidates. Why waste time with interviews and reference checks because you spelled out what you’re looking for but are facing the horrible experience of being TRICKED into believing this underqualified candidate is what you have to choose from?

Contact Us for Help with Candidate Sourcing

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