When applying for jobs many people fail at the most integral part of the job seeker process. That is, having a well-constructed and job-specific resume. The resume is often overlooked and can quickly be the difference between the unemployment line and a fast-track career. Read these tips and see which ones, if not all, you can apply to your success in the industry of your choice.

Choose a Basic Font. When sending your resume to a recruiter at a staffing agency, make sure your presentation is easy to read. It’s important to hiring managers and applicant tracking systems, that your resume is clear and concise so that it is easier to find when filling vacancies.

Include All Your Contact Information. Make sure your resume includes all your contact information. A huge pet peeve recruiters have with prospective employees is the inability to reach the candidate. Don’t let your dream job pass you by because you failed to provide the staffing firm with your email address or a working phone number. Include your full name, street address, city, state, zip code, home phone number, cell phone number, and email address.

Add an Objective. When you’re including your objective in your resume, make sure it’s tailored to fit and match the exact job description. This is your opportunity to leave a strong stance with the hiring manager. Be as specific as possible when applying for the job.

Insert Keywords. Be sure to include keywords in your resume that relate to the job or are included in the job description. This way you’ve increased your chances of your resume matching the keywords used in available positions.

Prioritize Your Resume. Make sure the experience and accomplishments listed on your resume match the job your currently applying for. Don’t include fast food experience if you are applying for a bank teller job. Unless of course, your concentration was cash control. Only list the relevant experience and you’ll increase your chances of getting the job!

Try a Custom Resume. Custom resumes are a bit more difficult to produce, but it’s worth the effort. This is how your experience or your “brand” stands out amongst the pack.

Tweak for Technology. In this competitive job-seeking environment, job seekers need to make sure that their resume stands out from the pack, is selected by talent management systems, and shows in a professional, no-nonsense way, that the applicant has taken the time and interest to pursue a specific job opening.

Choosing the Right Resume Format. There are several basic types of resumes used to apply for job openings. Depending on your personal circumstances, choose a chronological, functional, combination, or targeted resume. Take the time to customize your resume – it’s well worth the effort.

Use a Resume Template. An easier way to complete a well-written and put-together resume is to use a template. This allows you to add your information and tweak it to fit your personal experience.

Email Your Resume. When you email your resume to a recruiter, make sure you follow their instructions. There may be a certain subject they’d like you to include. There may be a certain length or format they’d like you to follow.

Follow these tips and you’re bound for success. For more job-seeking tips and insight into staffing firms, visit our blog. Lastly, don’t forget to check out our Job Search page and submit your new resume to any that interest you.