Artificial intelligence (AI) has expanded beyond theoretical concepts and debate to become a fundamental component of our work lives. AI uses algorithms and data input to learn from experiences to perform human-like tasks. It can do tasks such as problem-solving, language understanding, and predictive analytics so that companies can save time and resources. If you want to learn more about the real life applications of artificial intelligence throughout various industries such as healthcare and finance, click here to read this Forbes article which showcases how AI technology is redefining what is possible.

Artificial intelligence continues to advance in all sectors, but especially for hiring and recruitment practices. AI can streamline many administrative tasks to allow for more human interactions. As well as screening resumes and providing analytics of different candidates. Keep reading for a better understanding of the hiring and recruitment applications of AI/artificial intelligence.

Candidate Sourcing and Screening

One of the most helpful applications of artificial intelligence for recruiting can be candidate sourcing and screening. Using AI based algorithms to search job boards and databases to find some of the most relevant and best suited candidates for a role is just one of many applications of artificial intelligence for recruiting. There are various AI tools that can provide different types of hiring solutions depending on what your organization needs. For example, there are AI models that can chat with candidates to determine fit and potential productivity of a candidate. While other tools can predict candidate performance and retention rates.

Applications of AI: Resume Screening

Resume screening is another valuable application of artificial intelligence for hiring and recruiting practices. AI can use machine learning to extract information from resumes looking for keywords, experience, skills, and education to select qualified candidates. AI can also adapt and improve its algorithm based on feedback and human responses. This ensures that the most suitable candidates are highlighted, saving recruiters time and effort to research.

Improving Language

Another beneficial application of artificial intelligence can be used in the early stages of the recruitment process. AI can be used to write language and descriptions for job postings. Artificial intelligence can create job titles and write job descriptions that are optimized to reach the right audience and highlight the hiring company. Many recruiters report using AI for these types of recruitment practices as it can save time and not make recruiters start from scratch when writing.

Applications of AI: Onboarding

Applications of AI can be used in all parts of the hiring process, even offering and onboarding. AI can make it easier for HR teams to create a positive and engaging onboarding experience. The machine learning technology of artificial intelligence can work to understand the unique needs of an onboarding process customized for each company. And it can also tolerate scaling the process to manage a large number of new hires.

Maintaining the Human Touch

While the applications of artificial intelligence can be extremely useful for hiring and recruitment practices, it is also crucial to maintain a human touch. AI can mimic conversations and human-like tasks, but it can’t understand the emotional intelligence needed in the process. Certain biases can arise by a lack of context clues, or sensitivity is lacking for communication or rejecting candidates. Making sure to always keep proper human oversight of AI in hiring and recruitment is necessary. It is also essential to continue to monitor the fast-changing laws regarding AI and hiring. State by state, the rules are not consistent in how AI can be applied to the hiring process. Read our blog article for more information.

In today’s competitive hiring landscape, AI is not just a tool but a game-changer for recruitment. At ATHENA, we can revolutionize your recruitment journey. Visit our website to learn more and discover the power of AI in shaping your future workforce. Contact us today to partner with experts who understand the transformative potential of AI in staffing and consulting.