Toxic Boss

Has someone ever told you that you contaminate the workplace or that you are only in it for yourself?  If so, continue reading because this article is just for you.  Bad bosses are toxic and a huge issue for any business that wants to move forward.  They use people to get what they want instead of doing what’s best for the company. If you are undoubtedly one of these people, skip to the end of this blog to learn how you can correct this. If you are unsure, keep reading and we will help you figure out if you are in fact the toxic boss.

Do you describe yourself as stubborn, overly demanding, impulsive, or interruptive?

If so, STOP!  If you want to be this way in your spare time, so be it.  Don’t be this way at work.  It is unprofessional for one and two, it creates an awful environment.  Can you imagine sitting in a meeting and you are trying to give a toxic boss some assistance with an issue he/she is having in their department and all they keep doing is interrupting you and refusing to take even part of your advice?  It wouldn’t be pleasant, at all!  You would get annoyed very easily.

Are you the selfish buddy in your workplace?

Do you find yourself making friends with those that you can benefit from?  For example, are you friends with the secretary because she goes to get coffee every morning and you want some too?  If you are nice to people just because they can do something for you, you have a serious problem. One day those people will see that you are using them or you will run into someone who simply won’t cater to you from the start.  I’m sure you will be feeling a particular way when that happens.

Are you the micromanager that the office can’t live without?

If so, we have a few problems.  One, stop thinking that people can’t live without you. It shows your negative and conceited attitude and that you are a bad manager.  A manager should be able to leave and not have his/her team fall apart.  If you have to constantly micromanage people, you are going to upset them and you are not building their skill sets.  You should have some accountability for your team and they should be able to complete work without you breathing down their neck. If they are not to that point yet, then teach them the skills they lack to get them there.

The Solution for You and Your Workplace

If any of this is you, you have to change your ways.  Toxic bosses are stressful and bad for your health. Did you know that your chances of having a heart attack increase by almost 50% when you have a bad boss?  Well, it does so think about how you wouldn’t want to be part of that statistic, and don’t make others part of it either.

If you have realized that you are the problem in your workplace because you are the toxic boss, you have done the first step in changing.  Next, you have to understand why you are this way.  Do you lack the skills that your team needs to be taught? Do you not like your workplace or the work you do?  Whatever the reason, figure it out and determine how to solve the issue.

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