Our previous blog gave you four questions or thoughts to consider before hiring a staffing firm. Check it out here if you haven’t already. Let’s review:

1. What makes your agency an expert in hiring in my industry?          

2. How can I measure your overall client satisfaction with what your most recent client has to say about your service?     

3. What was your turnover rate for internal staff last year?            

4. What is your most recent satisfaction score for your permanent and temporary placed talent?

Part two of “What Questions Should You Ask Before Hiring a Staffing Firm?” will focus on three more questions you should consider before hiring a staffing firm for your hiring needs.

What recruiting issues and current trends should I be aware of? Your agency should provide you with useful and enlightening information that makes you smarter, even before you hire it. Did you learn anything new the first time you met with a representative? Find a staffing firm that provides its clients with blog articles on various issues, more importantly, the issues relevant to your industry. The staffing agency you trust should or can also serve as a strategic advisor for your company. 

How much are you charging for your services compared to the competition? Don’t select a staffing agency based solely on its rates. Place value high on the difference maker, as well as cost. An organization that makes a bad hiring decision may end up spending more money cleaning up a mess. If you find that you like a staffing firm for your company, yet they cost significantly more, find out WHY. The staffing agency should be able to elaborately explain why they charge as much as they do, compared to the competition. If they can’t, then you should look the other way…

What are your expectations of me in this potential partnership? This question is almost as much for you as it is for the staffing firm. A high-performing relationship with a staffing agency won’t happen without your investment of time and resources too. Partner with a staffing agency that you trust enough to allow it access to learning about your business and culture. The success of a partnership is rooted in valuing each person involved: clients, job candidates, and the hired staffing agency. With this commitment in place, hiring a staffing agency and developing your flexible workforce strategy can be a transformational component for your organization’s growth, flexibility, and sustained success.

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