In this article, we’ll reveal ways you as a candidate can build a working relationship with recruiters. Staffing firms receive tons of resumes each day, and a healthy relationship with the person dedicated to finding you a position is a great way to get your name to stand out. Review the ways suggested by the top staffing agency recruiters in the world, and give your career the boost it needs!

Be Certain. Before entering a relationship with a staffing firm or a recruiting agency, make sure the decision is solid. Not because your current job is getting on your nerves, you’re mad or bored. Examine your current situation and make sure your next move is your best move. When a recruiter selects prospective hires for a client, he or she needs to know you are committed. If not, he or she will cross you off their list of prospective employees for future clients of their agency.

Be Exact. Try to be as precise as possible when informing your recruiter what area or areas you have access to. Don’t set yourself up for failure because the offer is on the table. There is nothing worse than being labeled as an “unreliable” employee, trust me. This not only goes for geographical parameters but skill-set as well.

Back it up. References are everything. Include a few names, titles, companies, and contact information when sending your resume to a recruiter. Old supervisors, mentors, colleagues, and even people who’ve once worked under you are great ways to impress a recruiter. Shows effort and will help bolster a recruiter’s desire to represent you to his or her clients.

Be Savvy. Find out more. Ask the recruiter about the company he or she sees you as a good fit for. Inquire about the size and company culture. What are the requirements of the job and how do you think your skills can be an asset? If the recruiter feels you’re interested in the bigger picture, your chances will improve.

Be Blunt. If you’re offered a job that you’re either not a good fit for, or you’re simply not interested in, let them know. By doing this you are clearing up false impressions of yourself and giving the recruiter the opportunity to understand what you prefer. This will most certainly benefit your productivity on the job in the long run.

Be Involved. From time to time check in on the status of your job search. Find out if the staffing firm has inquired about any new clients who may be a good fit for your future. If you have a report or feedback from an interview, make sure you give this information to your recruiter, as it’s a vital piece of establishing a healthy relationship.

Be Professional. If the recruiters at this particular staffing agency are unable to place you in a position, maybe it’s time to move on. But in doing so, remain professional. An opportunity down the road is always a possibility. Ask the recruiter if he or she could recommend another recruitment agency and I’m sure this will put some pep in their step.

Staffing firms are competitive when it comes to filling vacancies. Make sure you and your recruiter have an active relationship and you’re sure to get hired. Learn more career strategies on our blog and find all available job openings here.

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